Monday, 27 April 2015

Throw Back Thursday: Rock Of Ages

So a little show called Rock of Ages stole my heart way back August 2011,i never thought in a million years that a musical would make me smile again and that it did..
To be honest the only reason I went was because Shayne Ward and Justin Lee Collins was starring in it and of course who isn't a sucker for classic 80s rock music...
I was lucky to be  sat in a box at the Shaftesbury so had a great view of the stage and then that was it i was sold from the minute the show started and I was well and truly hooked.The cast were amazing,I loved that the band were on the stage and the set was simple but brilliant.
At the interval I was on such a high from the first act and couldn't wait for the 2nd to start..

Over the next few days I still had all the songs from the show in my head and found myself singing out aloud half the time so that was it I downloaded the soundtrack only downside was it was the original broadway cast which was good but not as great as the Orignal London cast..
I was planning my second visit and we got dayseats which were front row and the energy and show seemed soooooo much better up close..

I've been lucky enough to make some amazing friends through Rock of ages and made regular trips back to see the show (a shameful 200+times) then came the news that it was closing in November 2013 which now that took a while to sink in and then came the announcement that there was going to be a UK tour in 2014 so i managed to get to a few venues with Holly which was amazing! 
I'm hoping one day we will see rock of ages back in the west end at some point as the west end is lacking an amazing show like this! 

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Laura xxx

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