Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Theatre Etiquette

So i have been thinking about doing this blog for some time as i for one have experienced some interesting things happen while watching a show..Now being the theatre lover that i am i don't expect to see people having sex during a show or sitting in the front row reading a magazine while actors are slogging there guts out to put on a good performance for you or even drunk people sitting next to you taking photos and being very loud i don't wanna hear it or even smell the booze coming from you its not pleasent..

So here are my top 10 Theatre Etiquette rules

1. Make sure that phone is off or on silent as there is nothing worse then hearing a phone going off through a performance 

2. Please don't talk through a show not even a whisper,chat to your companion during the interval 

3. Try to eat your sweets quietly theres nothing worse than hearing a bag rustle or hearing someone chew its very annoying

4. Please sit still nobody wants elbows stuck in the sides of there arms 

5. Never be late there is nothing worse when your sitting in the middle of a row and theres 2 empty seats next you and then they turn up late and mid show and you have to get up to let them get to there seats where you disturb the people behind you just so they can sit down 

6. Please try not to sing out aloud and do your dance moves nobody needs to hear your singing voice or see those dodgy dance moves 

7. Try not to drink to much especially to the point where the person sat next to you is getting the smell of booze from you,its not pleasant at all 

8. Don't take photos or video recording 

9. If your going to see a show with a loved one please don't sit with your head rested on there shoulders as the person in front of you will get a blocked view and from experience its bloody annoying 

10. Remember to enjoy the show and show your appreciation to the cast who have put on a great show for you 

I hope these are of some use to you and yes i am a bit partial to number 6 but I've learnt to shut up and singing in my head as nobody wants to hear my dreadful singing voice 

Thanks for reading 

Laura xx

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