Monday, 11 May 2015

Throw back Thursday: Grease

Were going back way in to the 90s for this weeks throwback Thursday to my favourite show of all time Grease this wonderful show started my Musical Theatre addiction off..
I was a huge fan of the film Grease and i can honestly say i had it on everyday as child and my poor mum and dad was driven insane by the constant singing of the songs and i knew the film that well i even knew the script off by heart..
Then it was announced that there would be a revival of the Musical back in 1993 with Craig McLachlan as Danny and Debbie Gibson as sandy i remember begging my mum for tickets and she kept saying no but then one day she surprised me with a trip with all my aunts i was so excited and couldn't wait to see my favourite film on stage..
Grease was on at the Dominion Theatre and it was my first time to any sort of theatre and for any 14 year old it was amazing and I'm sure i walked around with my mouth open as i was in awe of this gorgeous place..
Once the show started  i was just so in to it and singing along to all the songs and i loved the dancing,singing,costumes etc I have to say i preferred the stage version to the film and to this day i can still say that..
A couple of days after seeing the show i just kept going on about it and wanted to see it again so one of my friends was going for her birthday and she invited me to go along with her and i jumped at the chance and she didn't have to ask me twice...

I carried on seeing Grease for a few years and Then Shane Richie took over the roll of Danny and this is where my love for him comes from he was amazing as Danny and i took a few trips to stage door and was just a mess everytime i got a glimpse of him..
Many of the great west end stars were in the original cast these include Liz Ewing,Tamzin Outhwaite,Sally Ann Triplet,Ben Richards,Richard Calkin and Arlene Phillips as musical staging and choreography.

I truly loved this show and then it kinda went a bit downhill when it went in to the Cambridge Theatre and the cast weren't so great but you still had a feel good feeling when you came out of the theatre..
Sadly i never captured any of the memories as back in the day cameras were huge and i was only in my early teens at the time but have them all stored up in my mind..

Anyway i hope you enjoyed reading a real throwback blog

Thanks for reading

Laura xx

Photo credit: my own

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