Sunday, 17 May 2015

Rock of Ages

Throw Back Thursday 
Rock of Ages 

Welcome to my Throwback blog for this week.

For this week I've chosen Rock of Ages to follow on from Laura's blog a few weeks ago.

Now there hasn't been a show thats captured my heart like this since Footloose finished. Don't get me wrong id seen a lot of shows but nothing left me with the buzz this show did.

At the time I was going through a lot personally and this show fast became my escape from my headspace and my regular Friday night Rock session. 

This show is also where I was lucky enough to meet Laura back in 2012. We are both firm believers that everything happens for a reason and our friendship is still strong now as it was when we met.

I remember my first visit well
Was my birthday in 2012 at the start of Jan and I was with one of my closest friends who had come to watch the show with me. From the get go we were both sold on the show and laughing and singing our way through the first half. 

The whole cast were amazing, 

Id seen Simon in a few shows before so seeing him back on stage again was a massive bonus.
Straight after the show I bought the soundtrack which still hasn't left my iTunes and probably never will.

As the months went on the show got better and better. I always felt there was a special buzz with the first cast in the Shaftsbury theatre.

Who ever came up with the programme scene deserves a round of applause. Some firm favourites include
Drew - {Oliver Tompsett} being sent into the audience to give his mum a kiss
Drew - being dressed up in birthday banners for his birthday
The because your worth it 
High School Musical
Scrunchie rap

These scenes were always the highlight of the show for me as you never knew what you'd get on each visit.

With a couple of greatly received performances at West End Live as well the shows energy never changed.

When the show left the Shaftsbury to move to the Garrick it became a challenge to get any seats with it being a smaller theatre day seats became a mission.
It took a bit of the sparkle away from the visits having to fight for tickets but we still enjoyed all we saw.

Laura and I both got a few visits in on the tour after the show left the West End. My favourite battling up to Milton Keynes on a bank holiday weekend with no trains and the coach station being miles away.

We've both got fond memories of the show and the tour and I personally would love to see it return to the Westend Soon its sorely missed.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy

Holly x

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