Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Throwback Thursday - Wicked


In a few days Laura and I make our return to Oz.
For this weeks throwback I'm going to take you back to 2009 to my first visit to a show that's captured my heart and many visits since.

My first visit to the show was for my birthday. I remember having waited a long time to see the show the excitement of finally getting a chance to see it. 
The soundtrack had been on my iPod for months so I was ready to finally see the shows most well known song 'Defying Gravity' live for the first time.

Our tickets were very last minute but very near the front on the side but I would have happily sat in the room for the time I'd waited to see the show.

My first thoughts on the staff of the theatre were amazing. At the time there was major building work next to the theatre which made where we were sitting very cold. 
When I approached them during the interval along with a few others from where we were sitting and explained the problems and they did everything they could do to change our seats so we could enjoy the rest of the show.

The show itself captured me from the start between the costumes to the music it's something to be seen. For a first time view I would recommend booking in the stalls. I've always said you get a completely different view from the top balcony but still an amazing view. 

I've made many returns to Oz over the years one of my favourites was last year with Laura when I finally got to see Kerry Ellis play Elphaba 
She was one I'd always wanted to see and managed to see her after 

This show for me is a complete highlight of the westend.
The whole experience from the theatre itself to the show and the soundtrack is always to the highest quality and will soon become your favourite from young to old it has a massive following.

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