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Wicked:Natalie Andreou Review 11th May 2015

So i had my 5th trip to see wicked with Holly last night and the reason for the trip was to see Natalie Andreou as Elphaba i have been waiting a while to see this and was really excited.. 
The last time i saw Natalie was when she was playing Sherrie in rock of ages and she was amazing in that so i had HUGE expectations....The last time i saw Wicked was to see Kerry Ellis and to be 100% honest i was not keen on her Elphaba  so i was really looking forward to seeing Natalie's take on the role..
Holly and Myself were sat in the stalls Row D seats 39 & 40 i had my usual aisle seat with lots of leg room only downside to these seats were the left hand side of the stage was out of view but thats what you get having side view seats but still it didn't spoil anything.. So out came Natalie all green and with a suitcase lol any rock of ages fans will get the joke... and then came the song The Wizard and I and all i can say is WOW it was that amazing i got goosebumps and was blown away by what i was hearing...everything just got better as the show went on and of course it was time for Defying Gravity and i was nervous as its that one song that makes the show and let me tell you it has to be one of the best I've heard i was amazed by it and i felt such a enormous sense of pride and i got a bit teary eyed by the end of it..

I couldn't help do an Interval tweet as i was just in awe of what I've just witnessed by such an amazing actress...The second half was even better and the song As long as your mine sung by Natalie and Jeremy Taylor was spectacular and the pair had really good chemistry and yes i felt a little teary eyed again,and then it was the end and Natalie got a well deserved standing ovation..

So all i can say is go get yourself a ticket and go witness something special as you will never see a better Elphie.

Natalie's Elphaba dates 
11th - 16th may 
22nd - 27th june 
27th - 29th july 
10th - 12th august 
These could change at any time 

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Laura xx

So last night was our return to Oz to see Natalie take on the role of Elphaba. 
I've said for a while Elphaba is the most powerful female role in the westend at the moment.
To me there are three songs on the sound track that make the show for me.

The Wizard and I
As long as your mine and of course 
defying gravity

Natalie from the start smashed each song and bought out the goosebumps. 
The show itself is and always has been a firm favourite and last night proved no exception. 

The show from start to finish is worth it's weight in gold and the whole cast look and sound amazing. 

We will definitely be back to see Natalie very soon 

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