Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Musical Soundtracks - my top 5

Now this has been a hard one to rank ….

If someone asked you your favourite top 5 musical songs what would they be?

Now I can't rank these from 1-5 but these all feature and yes I love having a sing or dance along  to them at any chance I can

First up


Its my favourite film and musical and this song will always get me up to dance. Its a firm favourite along with others on the soundtrack but this will always get the top vote from me 

   Rock Of Ages 

This show get two song votes from me Here I go again and Don't stop believing. Both two incredible old school classics which deserved to be played loud and proud when on the stereo

             We will Rock you

My favourite song from this musical is Headlong (I'm actually listening to it as I type) Its one I've always loved when ever I've gone to see the show.


One for my top 5 is Defying Gravity - from the first time I saw Idina Menzel sing this live I've loved it ever since. My two favourite versions of this are Idina's version from Wicked and Kerry Ellis's rock version from her album.

Now to open this up to you guys we would like to hear your top 5 songs

Let us know what you think

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