Sunday, 12 July 2015

I love you your perfect now change 11th July 2015

I was very excited to see this show,Holly was lucky enough to see it last Wednesday and sadly i couldn't make it and she was raving about it so was even excited to see it.

We went to the 7.30pm show and i loved that its a small show and in a small room so it felt very cosy and rather warm but luckily there was some air con to keep everyone cool.
The show was very funny from start to finish and in places i had tears streaming down my face from the laughter.
The whole cast were amazing but special mention goes to Simon Lipkin who i have had the pleasure of seeing in a few shows he was amazing and has such a truly amazing voice and exceptionally funny.. 
It was a simple but amazing piece if theatre and as i keep saying very very funny to watch.. 
The set was very simple the costumes were simple and it all really worked well together especially in such a small room..

You can tell the cast are true professionals at what they do as they had no microphones so really projected there voices which i actually enjoyed..

I highly recommend you try to grab a ticket if you can the last show is 18th July and its well worth a watch..Just a note i wouldn't recommend it for young children as there is sexual references and actions at points of the show.

I give I love you,your perfect,now change a massive 5 stars 

Many thanks for reading 

Laura xx 

Hollys review
Last night was my second time to see the show and in just over a week it's become even funnier. I'll be first to admit I was crying with laughter before half way through the first half and this continued for the whole show.
The cast are brilliant and like Laura said without microphones they have a lot of vocal work but it works so well in the space the show is in. 
The show is definitely worth a watch and only has one week left 
Special note there is a late night show this Thursday evening so if you can grab a ticket get down to the theatre and give it a watch.
Looking forward to coming back next week

Love Holly 

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