Friday, 21 August 2015

Theatre tickets

Hey all

So over the past few days I've seen a lot of posts on social media and in the news regarding west end theatre ticket prices and after reading an article on the way home has prompted me to put pen to paper for tonight's blog.

Ticket prices have long been a topic of conversation for any theatre goer and I feel it's a topic that needs to be looked at. 

I've always looked at going to see a show as a good part of a night out. I'm not one for clubbing every weekend I never have been. I'm much happier with dinner, drinks and a show which can all be done on a good budget if you put your mind to it.
If you know how to look for tickets well you can come up with very good tickets. I've had many shouting matches with ticket websites for various shows knowing I can find what I want if I keep going on different price bands. Knowing what area in the theatre you want to sit in works wonders for out smarting any ticket website.

Now this is my next question - price bands how do they come up with these - I get restricted views at different prices but some other prices logistically do not make sense to me at all.

This is where I throw the questions to you guys

What do you think of ticket prices ?
Do prices affect how you plan a trip?
What would you say would be good prices ?

Am interested to hear your views on the subject

Thanks for reading

Love Holly x

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