Friday, 11 September 2015

Laura's top 5 musicals that need to return to the west end!!

Holly and I were having this conversation the other night over are monthly blog meeting and we realised that there are so many shows that need to return to the west end and I was surprised to see that we had a few different opinions on this.. So here Are my top 5 that need to return to our amazing west end.. 

1. My all time favourite and that is Rock of ages I loved this show and embarrassing to admit I saw this well over 200 times but I made some amazing friends out of it which is a please rock of ages come back and let me rock out again! 

2. Now this was a tie between 1st place and 2nd but sadly it's been put down to 2nd place but that is Grease I loved this show when I was a teenager and spent many a day at the dominion where it first opened and of course at stage door it was just the best show ever so I'd love to see it return or even tour again. 

3. This has gotta go to we will rock you what an amazing show this was and even better in my opinion when Oliver Tompsett was Galileo he just owned that role and I was sad to see such a long running show end. 

4. Once again another show that I throughly enjoyed as a teenager and that was Saturday night fever with Adam Garcia this was a cheesy show but an amazing one..this went on tour a little while back but sadly I couldn't make it but holly was lucky enough to go and it was very different which was a shame check out hollys blog on it. 

5. And no 5 goes to hairspray only because I never got to see it in the west end when it was at the Shaftesbury but luckily going to see it when it hits the new Wimbledon theatre in November so really looking forward to that! 

It seems the west end is missing a good show at the moment don't get me wrong we have the likes of kinky boots,mamma Mia,thriller and wicked which are all amazing and I've loved everyone but we all have that one musical we all love and we want to go see time and time again so let's hope one of the top 5 return at some point.

Thanks for reading 

Laura x 

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