Saturday, 19 September 2015

My List of Shows I would like to see return to London

Hey guys 

Apologies for the delay in the posting of this blog. The main part of it has been locked on my iPad this week which has refused to work since the new operating system arrived but is now working again.

Last week Laura bought you her blog on the shows she would like to see return to the West End and I can now follow on with mine.

Now try as I might I can't rate these so here goes in no particular my shows I would like to see return 

Up first is Footloose

Its my favourite film ( I love both versions) the show is completely due a return to London. I saw it many times on both runs and badly want it to return. Ive always argued its worth its weight in gold for going to see for a night out. The dance off at the end was always worth going to see on its own as it bought the house down every time.
I was lucky enough to meet Derek Hough on the first run and he's become one of my all time favourite dancers since.

Next up Rock of Ages

After the surprise appearance by the cast at this years West End live it shows the following for the show hasn't gone away. We love the cast, music and everything that went with this show. Honestly don't think there is anything that has come with the same buzz since

Following on is Saturday Night Fever
I was lucky enough to catch this on the tour this year. Even though it was a completely new version this show would easily slow back into London right now. I think something dance worthy definitely needs to make a return .

Up Next is Hairspray
I completely fell in love with this show when I first went to see it. From the opening bars of the first song its a show that will have you hooked, singing along and dancing at the end. If you love the film you will love this show.

also in my list 
We Will Rock you - this show has many memories for me over the years. Can easily say Oliver Tompsett was my fav star of the show.
The soundtrack is incredible and one that can be played loud on the speakers.

Chicago - completely loved the show for the dancing and choreography. It would easily do well with another stint in London. Its been gone way too long in my eyes.

Assassins - This show was new to me when we first went to see it. The setting and air of mystery in the fairground until it started had me hooked but as the run progressed it just got better and better. I'd love to have seen this have a longer run.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert - I'm listening to the soundtrack while I write this and have fond memories of many visits to see this show. Its just a complete girls night out - if you get a chance to catch this on tour please go and see it.

Avenue Q - One of my all time favourite shows. We were lucky to see this a few weeks ago on tour and even after a few years of not seeing it well it was completely brilliant and still as funny as I remember it and I got to meet these guys.

Lastly on my list for now as we will be here all night is 

The Bodyguard - completely loved the show in the West end . Im a huge fan of Whitney and have been all my life and this show just did the film complete justice. Both Heather Headley and Beverley Knight smashed their performances and bought the house down when I went to see the show.

Thanks for taking the time to have a read of this blog.
Lets turn the tables to you guys now what shows would you like to see return to London.

Love Holly 

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