Sunday, 6 September 2015

Thriller Live

                       Thriller live

What can I say - this show has been a long time coming for us to go and see. We have both seen the show before but for me 6 years was a long gap and it needed to be seen again. It's always one of our favourites at Westend Live every year so we decided it was at the top of of the list to see.

We arrived with enough time for a quick look at the merchandise. I was hoping there would be more in the selection but for what there was it was good. 
After a quick climb up to our seats in the gods on the front of the balcony the show soon started. 

From the start the show was brilliant - a great selection of hits from the very start of the Jackson 5s career. 
Personally what makes a massive part of the show for me with this amount of hit songs is the choreography. 
It didn't disappoint at all. My favourite performances were Blame it on the Boogie,Smooth Criminal, Bad, Thriller and Black or White.
I'm sure if there was space for a dance floor in the theatre you'd have the audience up dancing during the show.
After much discussion after the show we've decided for our next visit we will definetly be moving down so we can see more of the stage. With out giving much away if you haven't seen the show we just about saw the best bit of Smooth Criminal and trust me it needs to be seen.

This show is a complete must for any fan of Michael's music. You will have fun from start to finish.
On a side note it is well sign posted on the way to your seats about the flashing lights which if your sitting up high is a welcome warning as they can be quite bright.

Thanks so much for reading hope you enjoy the show when you go. 

Love Holly x

Laura's review 

I saw this show about 3/4 years ago and i am going to be 100% honest like i am with all my reviews but i really didn't like it and came out very disappointed.
So myself and Holly saw Thriller at West end live this year and i throughly enjoyed what i was watching so we decided to book a show for September once our work commitments had calmed down.
So 5th september came round pretty quick and i was pretty excited to see Thriller which is at the Lyric Theatre,we arrived and had to pick our tickets up from the box office and we were sat in the Balcony which for people with issues with heights is a no no as its pretty steep we were sat in Row A seats 3&4 we had a bit of a restricted view but was bearable and had a bit of leg room but not much as both our legs had ceased up by the time the show had finished..

So the show started with the songs from the jackson 5 "I want you back , ABC , I,ll be there" and the little boy who played the young MJ was very sweet and played the part well.
I found the first half a bit of a drag as didn't really know a lot of the songs apart from the jackson 5 ones and the odd one that sounded familiar but was still very good and catchy found myself tapping my foot the whole way through..
The cast were great the first half and dancing was good but it seemed like the show was just missing that little something.
The second half just blew me away i knew all the songs and the singing and choreography was phenomenal especially " Smooth Criminal " and of course "Thriller" and all i wanted to do was get up and dance the whole 2nd half...It had so much energy and was 1000 times better..

So all in all i really enjoyed thriller but the 2nd half is what makes the show in my opinion..
Just a note there is lots of strobe lighting but there is signs put up just to make you aware of it..
Also another thing to mention is please don't expect a musical as it isn't and i think thats why i walked away disappointed my first time round.. The show is a celebration of Michael Jackson and his music so please bear that in mind when your booking tickets..

Myself and Holly are looking to book again when the new changes come in to affect but think we will try to get tickets for the stalls the next time round..

This is a great show for a girls night out so go book yourself some tickets and have a good boogie

Thanks for reading

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