Sunday, 18 October 2015

Alex Buchanan Thriller Live

So as you all know by now I have a new love for Thriller live ever since Holly and i were invited to the press night to see the changes that have been made and by our review we loved the new Thriller and the new this leads me to my blog for today,Now i don't often blog about performers but this guy deserves his very own dedication blog as i think he is FANTASTIC and he goes by the name of Alex Buchanan...When i first saw thriller on the 6th September 2015 i was instantly drawn to him on stage he has a truly amazing voice and his version of "she's out of my life" is spin tingling and gets me teary as he sings it with such real emotion and i believe every word he is singing not only does he have an epic voice but he can move and his dancing is fantastic well i think so anyway..
The refreshing thing about Alex is his has no formal training and taught him self and thats what i like about him...He has a massive stage presence and its definitely missed ( i can vouch for this )  when he isn't on doing his amazing thing..Honestly hand on my heart he has to be one of my all time favourite west end performers to date and I've seen many many shows over the years and I've never come across talent like this and felt the need to write about it and it takes a lot for someone to make me stand and go WOW you are truly phenomenal and thats what his done.

I hope one day Alex releases some of his own music as i for one would be the first to buy it and get downloaded to my phone and I'm sure it would be on repeat constantly..sadly i haven't got to meet the man himself but I'm hoping one day that will happen and when it does i will be a very happy girl lol
But please go book yourself a ticket to see Thriller Live and see the amazing talent that is Alex Buchanan doing his thing i can assure you you will not be disappointed...

Thriller Live is at the Lyric theatre on shaftsbury Avenue so go getting booking ASAP

Many thanks for reading

Laura xx

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