Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Full Monty Tour - Churchill Theatre Bromley - 19th October

Full Monty Tour - Churchill Theatre Bromley

Well what can I say, we've both been looking forward to this tour for a long time and it definitely right from the start didn't disappoint.
The show is running in Bromley this week from the 19th to the 24th and if you've not booked then go and treat yourself to a ticket. 
The stage set is very clever and easily works with every part of the show and it's very clear where you should be watching. 
There was a complete variation of age ranges in the audience which was nice to see. We did then remember that the film originally came out in 97 so has built up a great fan base over the years.

The cast I thought worked brilliantly and the humour was very well written as well. 
We did mention during the interval that we hadn't seen the film in a while but it didn't matter for watching the show. For avid fans without giving too much away there are some great nods to the film in the show which I know people will love.

The boys definitely didn't disappoint during the finale and pulled the routine off brilliantly, I'd definitely recommend the show for a visit to see the 'Bums of Steel'. Completely a top night out from start to finish.

On a side note there is a fair bit of swearing that features through out the show and a scene which I don't think is for a younger audience so it maybe worth checking before you visit.

Thanks for reading And have a great week
Love Holly

Laura's Review

Holly and i have been looking forward to seeing this show for a while and was rather excited when it finally crept up on us..
Now i was never a fan of the film so was a bit unsure how i would like it or how they would put it on stage...But from the moment the show started i was sold i was laughing straight away but did take a good half hour or so to get in to it.
The set is very simple but works really well and most of the cast move it all about which i like,now talking of cast we have the eye candy in the form of Gary Lucy who plays the role of Gaz and he is absolutely brilliant and pulls the northern accent off really well and to be honest this was my reasoning to see the show as always been a fan of his...other cast members included Louis Emrick who plays Horse,Rupert Hill as Guy,Andrew Dunn as Gerald,Martin Miller as Dave and Bobby Schofield as Lomper and they are all fantastic and work really well together.

There is a far bit of swearing in the show and one particular scene that wouldn't be suitable for young children so please check that out before you decide book. There was a mix of age groups visiting the show and mostly women for obvious reasons...so lets talk about 'THAT' scene and it certainly did not disappoint it was fantastic and of course all us women were screaming wanting more lol..
I throughly enjoyed The full monty and i highly recommend anyone to go see this show it would be great for a hen night or just a girls night out for a good laugh..

I give it a massive 5 stars *****

Thanks for Reading

Laura x

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