Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sound track of the West-end

Ok - I have a question for you all

From all the shows you've seen what songs have left you singing the sound track for days after?
Doesn't have to be the whole show but I think every show holds favourites for everyone?

To start off

Man in the Mirror - my all time favourite Michael Jackson song sung incredibly by Haydon Eshun and also joined by the rest of the leads part way through the song. Literally goosebumps every time I hear it, I loved it for many years but this performance in the show is something very special
The Way You Make me Feel -
What can I say Trencye has this song literally locked down - its completely one of my favourite performances of the show from the choreography to the vocals its incredible from start to finish.
Beat It - This song and performance in the show is something pretty incredible. I've said it before and I'll say it again choreography plays a massive part for me in any show but with Alex Buchanan's vocals on this its one of my top 5 performances of the show

Wicked -
Defying Gravity and the Wizard and I - These songs need no introduction, I've been lucky enough to see a few people take on the role of Elphaba over the years but my credits go to Idina Menzel, Kerry Ellis, Emma Hatton and Natalie Andreou. All of these incredible women have stunning voices but these two songs to me always stick in my head and get played on iTunes a lot.

Jersey Boys-
Completely love this soundtrack from start to finish. From the stage show to the film all the songs are incredibly catchy and i challenge anyone who says they haven't left singing one the songs to prove it.
My all time favourite is Oh What a Night. Its one that will get you up singing and dancing from the start. The whole West End cast deserve a massive mention as they get an incredible response every show.

Now my mentions for the show that are currently not in the West End but soundtracks still get played

First up
Rock of Ages - To me a show who's soundtrack is still as equally catchy now as it ever was. My top songs are Here I go again and Don't stop believing. Cast always pulled off the energy when performing these songs but my credits for this go to Simon Lipkin, Oliver Tompsett, Natalie Andreou, Sandy Moffat and Nathan Amzi

Dirty Dancing -
Who hasn't left this show not singing Time of My Life….. Trust me its not possible this song is an amazingly choreographed and will leave you dancing as you leave the theatre. I've seen the show many times and love the live version.

Footloose - Ive always said its worth going to see the show for the end dance off alone. Its not a fast number but Almost Paradise is one of my favourites. Along with the well known songs of Footloose and Lets Here it for the Boy and I Need a hero this show just leaves you with a great energy.

To round off this blog my last show to mention tonight is We Will Rock You, I saw this many times in the West End and after all these years can easily put the soundtrack on and listen to all the sings. I hope this makes a return to the West End soon as the whole casts energy and the staging of the show is missed.

Thanks for reading guys
Hope you've enjoyed it
Love Holly

All photo credits go to the shows and Google 

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