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Holly's top 5 theatres to visit in London

Hey guys
Welcome to my blog on my favourite theatres in London. My thoughts for this blog came to me this week after putting together my blog on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Whilst most reviews centre around the shows how many of you actually stop and take in the theatre you are visiting.

So first up 

Theatre Royal - Drury Lane 
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 


First up I visited the Theatre Royal this week to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This theatre on both my visits stands out as some thing quite incredible to visit.
The show opened in 2013 and with it unveiled a major renovation of the theatre to coincide and celebrate the theatres 350th anniversary.
If you have a chance to visit the show take some time to have a wonder round and see the beautiful interior of the theatre. One thing I do like is the added outdoor bar area. Perfect for a summers drink once the winters chill has gone.
The staff in the theatre from the moment you walk into the foyer are lovely. From the reception and ticket area to all those working on the merchandise stall everyone makes you feel welcome and are all very welcoming if you need anything at all.
I have to add I think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's merchandise is high up on my favourites and given the chance I would totally buy the whole lot.

Apollo Victoria 


This year marks the ten year mark for this incredible show in London. Wicked is the theatres second longest running show and brings in the crowds night after night. If you haven't had a chance to visit the theatre since Wicked has been there I really recommend it. The theatre has been restored to its former glory which includes the stunning Art Deco theme which runs through out all the floors. One of my favourite places to visit is the Elixir Bar, It very cleverly themed with Wicked and also keeps the Art Deco theme in it as well.
I've always loved this theatre all the staff are lovely, inviting and welcoming no matter what question you have. I remember on my first visit when building work was going on next door the theatre was bitterly cold where we were. After speaking to the manager in the interval he did all he could to help and we were moved during the interval after spending the first half shivering.

Shaftsbury Theatre 
Rock of Ages


Next stop on my favourite theatres is the Shaftsbury, granted I am using my visits to Rock of ages to base my review as this was the last show I saw there but when Hairspray and Fame were running I always found the theatre warm and inviting on every visit. 
I think this also falls on the staff who once they knew you always came to say hey and ask how your week had been and I found this a lovely added touch.
I'm looking forward to returning in the next few weeks to see Motown the Musical.

Lyceum Theatre 
Thriller Live 

This theatre is new on to my list as we've only been going to see the show properly since September. The theatre itself is lovely and very well presented and looked after. The staff are always a joy to see and have been on hand very quickly to help if you need anything. Special mention to the management who have helped us very quickly with seating problems and ticket mix ups and have gone above n beyond the call of duty every time in sorting problems out.

Old Vic Theatre 
The Lorax


My last theatre for this blog is one I've only visited twice, the first time being before Christmas to see The Lorax. I couldn't answer why it's taken me so long to see a show in this incredible theatre but from arrival the whole experience was one I really enjoyed. 
Even before you cross the road the lighting outside makes you want to go n see more of what's inside. 
The theatre foyer on all levels when you are arrive is very cleverly lit and full of very happy staff. From the bars to the ticket desk I found everyone lovely to be around. 
The auditorium itself was themed to the show both with the music playing and the lighting which I felt really added to the atmosphere and makes you enjoy the show more.

Don't get me wrong you pick up quickly when some staff don't want to be in their jobs and trust me it's very quickly puts your visit on a downer. All the theatres I've mentioned should all be very proud of their staff and the experience they give their guests. I know from my line of work people are very quick to fly in with the negatives but I feel positives should be recognised as well and all of the above and more due a lot of praise. 
Of course there are more theatres I haven't mentioned but will be doing a follow up to this soon 

Thanks for reading and hope you have a good evening

Love Holly X

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