Friday, 8 May 2015

Thinking of Visiting Wicked and Billy Elliot

Thinking of going to Wicked and Billy Elliot

Welcome to our first research blog in helping to plan your visit to a West End Show 

What Laura and I plan to do is build up a hub of information so if you are planning your first visit to a show or just want some general information n help with booking we will be able to help you.

Our first blog covers Wicked and Billy Elliot.

Both theatres are located next to Victoria main line and tube station. 
The station is also accessible for Victoria Coach station, Bus Station and numerous taxi ranks around the theatres.

The station itself holds a number of options for any theatre goer looking to get a bite to eat before the show.
If your looking to have a sit down meal we recommend a visit to the newly refurbished food level on floor 2 of the station.
Some of the best places include 
Frankie n bennys
Eds diner
Cafe rouge
Fresh pizza co and also Tortilla

There is full access to this level by lift for both pushchair and wheelchairs from the entrance at the back of the station at Victoria place.

Level 1 in Victoria Place also has Leon's and Pret for more sit down food choices.
There is also a number of quick stop options across the station including McDonald's, Burger King and Kfc or if you want to pick up snack food there is a sainsburys and boots as well. 

Cash points
If you need any cash before heading to the shows there are cash points next to Patisserie Valerie next to platforms 1-7.
There is also a Currency Exchange and Western Union situated by the tube exit and also platforms 1-7.

Moving on to the theatres

We've both visited Wicked and both agree for a first time visit you should book for the stalls first. You get an incredible view anywhere in the theatre but there is something magical about looking up at the stage for your first time.

For Billy Elliot we will add to this when we have been to visit the show which will be very soon

Thanks for reading so far this blog will be updated more when we have been to Billy Elliot

Friday, 1 May 2015

Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon 

There's not many shows that have left me emotionally speechless but I was left in complete awe of the whole production last night.
This was my first visit to both the Prince Edward Theatre and also the show. 
First impression of the theatre was stunning from the spacious areas in the bar and balcony to the auditorium where not only were all the staff lovely but the leg room got top marks as well. 

Now to the show
I admit I didn't know much of the story I always try if it's first time I've been not to read too much on the show.
From the start of the show I was completely taken in with the production. From the soundtrack which the whole cast smashed it out the park with, to the staging of the show which I have to say was hands down the best one visually I've seen in a long time.
By the interval the emotions were in overdrive we both loved it. 
Not knowing the story there was a lot to take on but by the end I was left speechless. 
The tickets we had didn't say restricted view but I think we missed a bit of the set as we did have to lean forward a couple of times to see what was going on up high. Not giving away any spoilers for those who haven't been yet
I'd happily see this show again if you haven't seen it I completely recommend you book. 
I don't think it's a show for younger children myself but for any avid theatre goer it's one you should have on your list

Thank you for reading 
Love Holly 

Laura's Review 

This has been one of my must see shows since it came back in to the west end and we managed to get some tickets and was really looking forward to seeing this show! 
I love the prince Edward theatre it's very grand and suits the show!! 
We were sat in the royal circle row O seat 27&28 the seats were really comfy and plenty of leg room which was bonus for us long legged people,only downside to where we were sat was some of the set was out of view and our tickets didn't say anything about restricted view..
So the show started and I wasn't keen at first as there was a lot of sexual innuendo but about 20 minutes in to it I was sold and was sobbing my eyes out by the interval..the 2nd half started and i was still sobbing by the end of the show I was an emotional mess.. Was great to see an adult piece of theatre and the cast were fantastic.
I throughly enjoyed Miss Saigon infact I loved it,a great piece of theatre that is a must see and I can't wait to book my next trip. 
Just a heads up on a couple of things,i wouldn't recommend this for younger people as its a bit sexual at the beginning..also there is part in the first half where there is some flashing lights I did not see any signs mention this in the theatre anywhere. but those are the only things that need mentioning! 

Thanks for reading 
Laura xxx