Monday, 30 March 2015

Cats - London 30th March 2015


Well this has been one of the longest waits to see this show but well worth it. 
Out of all the shows I've seen Cats is one I missed first time round but I've heard nothing but good reviews so when I heard Kerry Ellis was taking over the role of Grizabella I knew this visit had to happen. 

My guest reviewer tonight and also joining me for a birthday night out was my amazing mum who also was a first time viewer of the show. 

On arriving at the Palladium we were greeted by the lovely front of house staff who were on hand manning all the entrances to let us in to shelter from the rain. The staff were great with making sure everyone knew where they were going to as there is a separate entrance if your in the upper circle upstairs to the stalls downstairs.
From the merchandise staff to the staff on the bar everyone had a smile on their face and genuinely made you feel at home with conversation on how your day had been and if you had seen the show before.

Now I'm not usually made speechless by a stage set (last one that did this was wicked) but taking our seats at the front of the upper circle I genuinely was in awe of the whole theatre. 

It's been a while since I've been to the Palladium but the whole auditorium looked beyond amazing. The stage set came out into the dress circle around the edges which the cats climbed around during the show. 

Then came the start of the show and from start to finish it did not disappoint.
Between the soundtrack and the dancing your eyes were kept busy for the whole show. 
The costumes themselves are worth coming to see the show. Each cat had their own personality which was striking from the start. 

At this point I normally choose my favourite vocalist Kerry first blew the roof off with her version of Memory but each member of the cast had an incredible voice which made it hard to choose more favourites. 

If there's one thing I'll say it's this
Cats needs to stay in London for a longer run its beyond phenomenal. If you get a chance to go before the end of this run please do and make a move for ticket sites do it now. I know I'll be trying to see it once more.

I quite happily award the show 5 out of 5 😸

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog

Love Holly x

Programme picture credits - London 2015 run 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Saturday Night Fever UK tour London

Saturday Night Fever 

Time for those dancing shoes 

Well tonight was a very long wait to get to but I've enjoyed every single minute of it.
When going to see a show I've seen before I've always made a point of not reading reviews before I go. I'd had a few messages to tell me that the show was different to what I'd remember it as. 

I was curious but held off looking into it any further. My guest this evening at short notice was actually my best friend from school and actually the first person I'd seen the show with wait for it way back in 98 with this man here as the main role 

After arriving at the theatre which as a first impression was a lovely spacious place with enough space in the bar not too feel too cramped and space in the toilets to actually move. 
Regular theatre goers will understand this when I say space too move around is always good. 

Then came to taking our seats - Id managed to land front row but even though the tickets did say you may have to look I didn't feel I missed anything. 
The one thing I did miss a bit was having music playing in the auditorium before the show and the interval.

The show started and I could instantly see the changes. Baring in mind it's been nearly ten years since I last saw this show at the Apollo Victoria I remembered more than I thought. 
The music arrangement I give a big congratulations to all involved. It takes a hell of a lot of talent to play instruments dance and sing at the same time. 

The stage set was also very different from the other productions I've seen but it worked and worked well. 
The cast worked amazingly well between the two levels of the set so you always knew where and what you were watching.
The one thing we both mentioned was the dance floor we'd both hoped to have seen the Dancefloor like in previous shows but both agreed the adaption did it very cleverly and it worked. 

Our vocalist of the night and we both mentioned half way through the first half was Cici Howells who played the role of club singer. If you get the chance to see the show her vocals are amazing.

All in all we've had an amazing night. The whole experience from start to finish was brilliant. 
I'm in awe of the cast as I write this for the power they put into the show tonight. Being completely honest I'd like to see this version come to the West End as its fresh and new and would work very well with the new arrangements. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this I hope you all enjoy it

Love Holly 

Friday, 20 March 2015

Theatre Cafe London

Theatre Cafe 

If you love theatre like we do then we definetly recommend a visit to the Theatre Cafe.

Situated opposite the Les Mis Theatre on Shaftsbury Ave the atmosphere from the moment you walk in the door is something special

The decor of the cafe is theatre memorabilia and posters which is something lovely to see.

The cafe gives you access on their iPads to book tickets for any of the westend shows whilst having food and drink and listening to soundtracks in the process. 
Even the Loos have a stagy feel to them I mean come on hands up who doesn't want a mirror like this 

It's definetly a place to visit the staff are lovely and happy to answer any questions you may have and it should definetly be part of you west end visit to London

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Heading to Saturday Night fever in Richmond

Heading to Richmond Theatre 

I've put together some things you may need to know 

The Richmond theatre is a short walk from both Richmond Tube station and overground station

Richmond is in Zone 4 in the travel card zones 
Last train times for travelling home 
District line - Upminster 00:03
    High Street Kensington 00:51

If travelling by bus there lots of routes that run near the theatre towards Chiswick and Kew and also towards Petersham and Sheen

If your travelling by London overground please be aware the last train towards Willesden Junction runs from Richmond at 2328.

Show info 
Dates running March 24th to 28th
Running time 2h30 with and interval

Venue access 
Stalls, stalls bar + adapted toilet are accessible to wheelchair users.

Induction loop in auditorium
The theatre does provide headsets for the infra red hearing system but these need to be booked in advance from the box office 

Have an amazing time if your going

Love Holly 

Saturday Night Fever Tour part 1

Saturday Night Fever Tour Part 1

Time to dust off your dancing shoes 

Taking in venues across the UK since late  2014 Saturday Night Fever makes its long awaited return to London next week on the penultimate week of the tour in Richmond. 
Running from March 24th to 28th

The show is now on its 4th tour of the UK and has also had two hugely successful runs in the Westend in London.

The first opening at the London Palladium in May 2008 and closed in Feb 2090.
The cast on opening starred Adam Garcia playing the lead of 
Tony and Anita Louise Combe playing Stephanie. 

The show started my love for West End musicals. I remember very clearly being with my best friend from school and us both being in complete awe of the whole production set up and I was sold from then on. (We are still close mates and the topic of this visit came up a short while ago and our love for Adam Garcia remains unchanged)
I was lucky enough to meet Adam a few years ago at his dance show Evolution and still remain in awe of him in what ever show he is in 

On the shows second return to London in July 2004 I was straight off to the box office. The show ran a hugely successful run at the Apollo Victoria with sell out shows and guests up dancing every night.

To see the show on tour is a feeling on excitement for me at the moment as its been so long since I've seen it. The music and choreography of this show are a firm favourite and one I've always remembered from all visits.

Check back next week for my full report of the show.

I'll sign this off on my way home with the confession of im singing along to this soundtrack 

Picture credits 
Pic one - Saturday night fever tour
Pic two - my own
Pic three - Saturday night fever cast sound track 

Thanks for reading
Love Holly

Cats London Palladium 24th December 2014

  Cats London Palladium 2014 

So I'd been waiting to see Cats for a lifetime and I was gutted I never got to see it all those years ago but I was lucky enough to get tickets for Christmas...So as you can imagine I'm all giddy with excitement.
The first stop was the box office to collect my tickets and the box office staff were really friendly and helpful and put my mind at ease regarding leg room etc ( I need it due to a back op ) 
Then the doors opened to the theatre and the front of house staff were really welcoming and we're very helpful. 
The first stop was to get the usual programme and t shirt and once again the guy serving me was very sweet..Then it was time to find my seat which I found very easily as everything was very clearly laid out as row and seat numbers were easy to see,I was sat in row V in the stalls seat 20 and I had no complaints at all as I had a clear view of the stage.. 

So sat in my seat and I was taken by the staging it was truly spectacular and I was getting more excited and I couldn't wait and to be honest I didn't know what to expect.. 

SHOWTIME as the lights dimmed down the cast in there costumes run through the aisles of the stalls which was amazing,the music to Jellicle cats plays while this is happening,I was sold already by this amazing show..

Every song and dance was simply flawless and breathtaking...but the one part we were all waiting for was to see Nicole Scherzinger as Grizabella if I'm honest I was a tad disappointed as I expected more as she was roughly on stage for around 30/45 minutes throughout the whole show....BUT my opinion changed in the 2nd half when she sang Memory for the 2nd time WOW I was blown away and gobsmacked by what I was hearing it was brilliant I had goosebumps and I did shed a tear as it was spectacular,at the end of the song Nicole got a good 5 minute standing ovation people were clapping and whistling and just cheering so loudly but it was well and truly deserved.. 

I have nothing but good things to say about Cats and I highly recommend anyone go see this amazing show..
The cast were fab,the make up and costumes were amazing to.
I've now downloaded the the sound track to the show and I haven't actually stopped listening to it. 

I give Cats a massive  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Thanks for reading 

Laura x 

Photo credit: Google and Cats the Musical