Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Full Monty tour New Wimbledon Theatre

Full Monty UK Tour - New Wimbledon Theatre 

Hey Everyone 

Starting off the week with a theatre theme it was time to head off to Wimbledon to catch the amazing cast on The Full Monty tour. I was lucky to catch this show a few years ago but this production with a few changes was incredibly funny and well written.

The story is set in Sheffield and focuses on a group of friends who are struggling with different things and making ends meet. The main story line features Gaz who is doing everything he can to make sure he can still see his son. 

The group turn their attention to stripping after seeing the reaction from a visit from a well known strip act they see an easy way to make some money between them.

What follows between the group is over coming fears and insecurity’s where they are able to pull off the performance of their lives.

The whole cast are spot on through out the whole show and the writers have some brilliant one liners that left the whole audience laughing and cheering along through the whole show.

If you get a chance to head to Wimbledon this week your in for a great evening.

Have a great week and drop a comment below if you’ve seen the show or are catching it on its last few dates.
Love Holly

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Mamma Mia London

Mamma Mia 
Novello Theatre London

Hey Everyone

Well today marked a very long over due visit to see the Westend classic that is Mamma Mia. It’s even more over due after reading the programme on the way home and realising the last time I saw this show was back In 2011 before it transferred from the Prince of Wales theatre. 

It was totally worth the long wait, I’ve loved Abbas music since I was young and this show every year is one of my high lights when the cast perform at Westend Live.

The show itself was brilliant from the start, my only downside was having a restricted view but you didn’t miss much if you knew the story.

The soundtrack to this show is one of the classics of the Westend and you will be singing along to all the hits including, Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie, Super Trooper, Waterloo, Mamma Mia and many more.
The Energy from today’s crowd was pretty much like being at a concert.

I have to give my star of the show to two amazing ladies, Lucy May Barker and Sarah Poyzer playing Sophie and Donna Sheridan. With incredible vocals they work so well in their roles I enjoyed seeing their mother/daughter relationship play out on stage.

If you haven’t already seen the show or want to see it again I recommend grabbing a ticket now for a great evening out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this review, let me know below if you’ve seen the show and what you thought.

Have a great weekend 
Love Holly 

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Rock of Ages UK Tour Wimbledon

Rock of Ages UK Tour 

New Wimbledon Theatre

Hey Everyone 

So tonight it’s back to the 80s and the classic that is Rock of Ages.

Currently on it UK tour it’s back in London this week bringing the story of Drew and Sherrie back to the stage.

Filled with 80s classics such as Here I go again, Dead or Alive and Don’t Stop believing this show is a must for any 80s fan.

After seeing the show in Liverpool I gave Lucas Rush my star of the show and again tonight he was spot on with his humour and is so good at his role. 

Joining the cast as Stacee Jaxx is Kevin Clifton who I also have to give a mention. He played the role brilliantly as Stacee and his vocals got a great reception from the crowd.

The finale bought a massively well deserved standing ovation and also felt like being at a rock concert. If you haven’t seen the show already grab a ticket now and get ready to rock out.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen the show and what you thought.

Have a great rest of the week 

Love Holly

Monday, 25 February 2019

Dirty Dancing UK tour - Bromley

Dirty Dancing UK Tour 2019

Churchill Theatre Bromley 

Hey Everyone 

So tonight it’s been a journey off to Kellerman’s to revisit the classic summer of 1963 and the summer that bought Baby and Johnny together and a classic film and now a hit stage production to us to enjoy again and again. 

It’s been a while since the last tour and Westend run but from curtain up you can see how well this production has been done. 

From the costumes to the set you are there with the cast as they portray the timeless classic. 

Including the hits Hungry Eyes, Yes, and I’ve had the time of my life there is something for everyone in this show. 

I have to give a nod to Kira Malou and Michael OReilly for their performances of Baby and Johnny they were both spot on from the start.

I definitely think after the tour this cast and version of the show should get a run in the Westend. 

Drop me a comment below if you’ve seen the tour or plan too and what your thoughts were.

Love Holly

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Fame UK Tour Wimbledon

Fame UK Tour Wimbledon

Hey Everyone 

For tonight’s review it’s time to head back to the 80s and Live Forever as the Fame UK tour heads to the New Wimbledon theatre.

For tonight’s review it’s over to Natalie who went to check out the show

Currently touring the UK, Fame is based on the 1980 musical film about the lives of ambitious high school students at a performing arts school.
Keith Jack from BBC’s Any Dream Will Do, Singer Mica Paris and Hollyoaks Jorgie Porter take the lead in this uplifting and lively show.
Although a colourful music, the show still has undertones of a darker side, of the cutthroat world of “fame” and covers issues of class, race, drugs, insecurities and love.
A stand out performance can be credited to Stephanie Rojas who played the part of Carmen Diaz. The stage came alight with her captivating and heartbreaking take on the role, including her performance of the titled track “Fame”. 
Hayley Johnston playing Mabel, and Albey Brooke’s playing Joe added the comedic value to the show, with hysterical performances on the themes of sex and food gaining the most laughs from the audience along with their use of Lycra and leg warmers.
Jorgie Porter playing Iris and Jamal Crawford playing Tyrone,  brought the dancing scenes alive with a beautiful mix of traditional dance and modern “street”.
What was interesting with the show was that it didn’t rely on a lead, with 8-9 of the cast having a solo song and stand out scenes which was a refreshing change and kept the audience captivated. 
The title track of Fame had the audience singing along and dancing to rapturous applause, especially with the incredible power of Mica Paris’s soulful vocals.

A fun but deep colourful musical.

The show is playing at the New Wimbledon Theatre all this week don’t miss out head out n grab a ticket now 

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Rocky Horror Tour - Wimbledon

Rocky Horror Tour Wimbledon 

Hey Everyone

So the much loved cult classic that is Rocky Horror is back on tour and this week playing to its legions of fans here in London at the New Wimbledon Theatre.

Featuring Ben Adams and Joanne Clifton as Brad and Janet alongside Dom Joly as the Narrator and Stephen Webb as Frank n Furter the cast will have you up and dancing to the timeless classic that is The Time Warp and leave you joining the shows huge following and heading back for another fun filled evening. 

With the tour heading to various places around the UK make sure you grab a ticket now.

Let me know below if your heading to see the show and who’s your favourite character in the show

Love Holly 

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Magic Mike London

Magic Mike Live London

Hey Everyone

So hot on the heals of Magic Mike Vegas came the news in the Summer of 2018 that the show was heading to London. Selling out pretty much every night the show has become a massive hit in its Central London home at the Hippodrome in Leicester Square.

I loved the show in Vegas and have been interested to see how it would be on stage here. Last nights visit was a birthday celebration for one of my closest friends. I have to say a massive thank you to the staff that let me pick up the VIP Lanyards early. The staff in general were all amazing from the moment you arrive and all the way through the show. 

The show itself was brilliant, there are a lot of elements I recognised from the Vegas show which all worked perfectly on the new stage here. Without giving much away no matter where you sit you won't miss out on anything no matter what level you are seated on.

If you are looking for a girlie night out the show is currently booking till October 19 so don't miss out. 

Hope you've enjoyed the blog
Let me know below if you've seen the show and what did you think
Have a great week
Love Holly 

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Avenue Q UK tour rehearsals 2019

Avenue Q UK Tour Rehearsals 2019

Hey Everyone 

So for today’s blog there’s a very special theme. Today I was very lucky to attend the rehearsals for the New Avenue Q tour which starts next week on Jan 25th on its first stop in Portsmouth.

The cast performed a few songs from the show and also we got to see and hear more about the puppets whilst also being on set as well. The quality of the cast was amazing from giving the character to the puppet to also controlling each one is very well done.

This show has become a cult classic from its Westend runs to UK tours over the years and will leave you laughing way more than you expected. If you haven’t heard the soundtrack it’s worth downloading and it’s also more relevant than you would think with topics in today’s walk of life.

Head over to 
For all the tour dates and more information now.

It’s been a great afternoon watching this for more pictures and videos pop over to our twitter page on @boxoffice_blog and our Instagram 

Have a great week
Love Holly

Monday, 14 January 2019

Rocky Horror Tour - Manchester Jan 19

Rocky Horror Tour Manchester Opera House Jan 19

Hey Everyone 

Welcome to the first blog of 2019 
For this one I'm handing the blog over to Ali who went to see the Rocky Horror in Manchester at the weekend for a great review.

The Rocky Horror Show......legendary, much loved, with a loyal following! If you’ve seen the show before (I had once, six years ago) you will have experienced the buzz in the audience throughout the show.  As soon as we took our seats in the Manchester opera house we watched an array of Magenta’s and Columbia’s walk into the theatre, and there’s always a brave Frank or two also. I love this about the audience, the dressing up! In fact last time I saw the show I’d donned my own glittering gold jacket and Columbia’s striped shorts! 
This time I appreciated the efforts of others.  As I struck up conversation with my neighbour in the seat next to me I thought this isn’t your usual theatre atmosphere, it’s fun, its different it’s exciting!  We all know the story, we all know the words, and we especially all know the dance routine to the time warp!  These are character that people enjoy, theres a huge fan base and they know them well.  I can only imagine they bring with them an element of pressure to each new person who takes on the roles! So how did 2019 do? 

As I sit here writing this, I started by wanting to make it sound ‘professional’ and ‘good enough’ but, im not a theatre critic.  Several members of my family are huge fans of Rocky Horror therefore it’s been a part of my life for a long tine, almost as long as Ben Adams who’s career I’ve followed from the beginning! Putting the two together, I had high hopes! So I’m just going to be real and be honest!

As soon as Laura Harrison took to the stage as the usherette, you could feel the energy levels already! We were straight into it and it felt exciting! 

Ben Adams and Joanne Clifton showed us all once again the chemistry they have on stage together.  Bens voice just sounds ideal as Brad, and watching the wide eyed naivety of Janet, I was completely lost in the characters to the point of forgetting it was actually Ben and Joanne up there!  They have shown us before ( previously appearing in Flashdance) how well they work together, but this time they really are just perfect in these roles! These two are fast becoming the perfect musical theatre duo and have even a written a musical together called bloody Nora which we can’t wait for! To get you into the spirit of the show don't forget to check out their own version of Dammit Janet over on Spotify and iTunes now. 

I’d read that Kristian Lavercombe had played Rif Raf over 1300 times! Wow! And again I was lost in the character. It’s clear he knows character inside out and was amazing to watch. I hadn’t seen Callum Evans, who plays Rocky, before.  But found him so much better than last time I’d seen others in the show in previous years.  The way he moved on the stage, there could be no doubt in anyone’s minds that he had just been ‘created’ and was getting used to his ‘perfect’ body lol 

The main thing I want to say, is that I thoroughly enjoyed watching the show, getting up on my feet from the very beginning doing the time warp! 

The fear most people have when watching a show again, with different actors, is always ‘but will it be as good as last time?’ .  So I’ll end by saying from the bottom of my heart yes! Each and every actor had me smiling in my seat thinking ‘that’s perfect’  and I left asking ‘can I go again before this show leaves Manchester?’

Massive thanks to Ali for a great review am looking forward to catching the tour soon if you haven't seen it yet go grab some tickets now