Friday, 29 January 2016

Close to You 28th January 2016

Laura's Review

This show has been on our list for a while now but we never got round to booking..
So Holly and I went through our list of shows that we needed to book and see and Close to You came out on top so here we are with the review..
So Close to You is at the Criterion Theatre Piccadilly Circus Id never been to this theatre so was intrigued to see what it was like.
We arrived at 7pm and had to collect our tickets at the box office and straight away there was a very warm welcome at the door which was nice to see.
We collected our tickets and we were in Row P seats 1 & 2 these were RV but could still see the stage just had to lean in a bit to see wasn't a problem for me,there was plenty of leg room and very comfy seats which makes a change..
The theatre itself was small but i liked that as it was more of an intimate setting and feeling for the which worked well with the show.
The show started at 7.30pm and my feet were tapping straight away which for me is a good sign but if i am 100% honest it took a good 20/25 minutes for me to actually get in to..The staging was simple but worked really well with show and the cast moved props around which is a great touch..
The cast were fabulous but there was 2 stand outs for me and that was Kyle Riabko & Anastasia McCleskey wow what voices these 2 had blew me right away and it takes a lot for me to feel like that. I loved that the cast played all the instruments and sung live the whole way through.
Close to You has many songs that most of you would of heard of such as What's new pussycat , I say a little prayer, Anyone who has a heart , Wishin & Hopin and many many more..

I did like this show but for once i felt like i was to young to appreciate it as didn't know a lot of the songs and the ones i did know either had a rock or reggae vibe to them which I kind of liked but wish they had of kept them simple but then I suppose that would be boring so got to switch it up a bit..
This is a show my 64 year mum would love as its the music she loves so i do think it is a show for the more mature person who would of been around when these songs were big at the time..
Its a show I'm glad to say i have seen as its one that we have been wanting to see for a while so at least that one is ticked off the list.

Close to You is only on for another 2 weeks so please go book a ticket and see this show before it ends.

Thanks for Reading
Laura xx

Holly's Review 

Hey all
Here's my review from last nights visit to see the lovely Close To You.
As Laura mentioned we sat down with a list of shoes to book a few weeks ago so I jumped at the chance for these tickets.

This was also my first visit to the Criterion Theatre last night and I enjoyed every minute of it. I always love exploring a new theatre and I have to say from the moment you arrived at the door the staff were lovely and the theatre something special to look around. 

I'd managed to grab some tickets in the stalls and for a Restricted view they were great. 
One thing I thought stuck out was you could book seats on the stage to watch the show. Very clever idea making them couches as this worked brilliantly with the stage set.

What I learnt last night was I knew more songs from the shows vast catalogue than I thought I would. I think I've grown up knowing different versions of these songs but the cast performed them all to a great standard. I couldn't fault any of the singers last night the clever way they performed the songs keeping the audience with them was something I really enjoyed. 

I have to mention also seeing them all play instruments and sing live with no backing track was something really fresh to see. 

If you do get a chance to grab some tickets for the last few weeks of the show you won't be disappointed and are in for an enjoyable evening.

Thanks for reading 
Have a great weekend 
Holly xx

Friday, 15 January 2016

Spotlight - Trenyce Cobbins

Hey all

Welcome to the new Spotlight blogs 
In each one we will turn the Spotlight on either a show, actor / actress or theatre events going on round the UK

For this one I'm going to start off with the lovely Trenyce Cobbins currently smashing it every night on stage in Thriller Live at the Lyric theatre in London.

Before I go into how amazing Trenyce is in Thriller live let me take you back a bit n start from the beginning.

Trenyce featured on the second season of American Idol back in 2002 where she was take through as a wildcard entry singing Lets stay Together to join Paula Abdul's team. For those who haven't seen any of the videos of the show I suggest a visit to you tube. I have to admit I've had great fun researching this part of the blog.
 My favourite performances are I Have Nothing, I'm Every Woman and Proud Mary. 
If you haven't seen Proud Mary you will be up and dancing by the end of it I promise you that.
 Things could have been very different for Tenyce after studying in nursing for 3 years she decided to give the music industry a year and hasn't looked back.

After American Idol Trenyces amazing career didn't stop she appeared on lots of TV shows across America including The Today Show and TRL.

In 2004 Trenyce became involved in theatre - her incredible show list includes Not a day goes by, The Vagina Monologues, Ain't Misbehaving (the cast album of this show was nominated for a 2010 Grammy Award) and Dream Girls ( this show was given critical acclaim *the best show Indianapolis has ever seen*)

In 2010 Trenyce joined Thriller Live in the Westend and also has been involved with the tour in Europe as well. The show currently running at the Lyric Theatre has been wowing audiences since it opened back in 2007. 
Trenyce brings amazing energy to the stage each night where you just want to get up and dance along. Her performance of The Way You Make Me Feel is just incredible. Trust me if you haven't seen the show already go book a ticket now. 

We were lucky to give Trenyce some questions to go with this blog and have to say a massive thank you to her for being involved.

What is your favourite part of the show to perform?

** The way you make me feel,  because I get to be sexy and powerful at the same time. This number to me solidifies why there's a girl in the show. It's very MJ/Janet. But I also have to be honest, when Earth Song is in the show THAT is my favourite because it takes me to a spititual place beyond looking or sounding good. It conveys the message of "LISTEN UP what are we doing to ourselves and this planet? Wake up! " The most powerful moment in the whole show and I'm glad it's coming back soon** 

From your time in the show what's been your highlights and also do you have any funny stories you can share?

** The highlight is always seeing people at the stage door! It allows us to say thank you and be up close and personal with audience, sign autographs and take pics. The truth is, we never see who walks away with a changed mind or heart, or who we've influenced to go for their dreams! Funny things happen all the time : pants falling down, ripped crotches to expose gold thongs (on a guy), dropping microphones while singing, passing gas in quiet moments, falling up or down stairs, walking out on stage with a bottle of water instead of a mic ... I mean, there's loads of faux pas over the years. :P **

Thriller Live has an incredible selection of songs - if you could add any in which would they be and why?

** If I could add a song it would be I CANT HELP IT because it was written by Stevie Wonder and my favourite MJ song. It sounds completely different from anything else in the show and in the show and in MJs catalog.... Combining two geniuses! Love It!**

From the energy given off from the audeience each night we've been there - what's it like seeing that from the stage?

** It's electrifying ! It's gratifying! The audience doesn't realise it sometimes, but they are the soul of any show. Without them, we don't exist..... So if we feel them, we perform better! It's a perfect tennis match when done correctly! We serve . They serve. And in good theatre or a performance, that's what it's all about ***

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Spotlight - announcement

Hey all 

Happy 2016

Now the festive season is over for another year we are happy to announce our new series of blogs 

Each month we will feature a show or an actor/actress under our spotlight 

The first one launches in the next couple of weeks we hope you like it

Holly and Laura