Sunday, 2 October 2016


Disney's Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre

Hey Guys, 

Welcome to my blog for this week. Apologies for the delay in getting it online but here is my review on my trip this week to see Aladdin.

Ever since the announcement came I knew I wanted to see this, I'd heard nothing but amazing things from the Broadway show and have been counting down to my chance to visit.
 From the moment we turned the corner and saw the Prince Edward Theatre there was an air of excitement. The show is a short walk from Piccadilly Circus station and Shaftesbury Avenue.
Since my last visit to see Miss Saigon the theatre has undergone an incredible refit the most noticeable difference being the newly coloured purple chairs throughout the whole auditorium.

For a Monday evening performance it was great to see the whole theatre I'd say give or take a few seats pretty much sold out. 
Our seats were restricted view on the top level but we had a good view of what was going on. From the moment the show started and the opening music started you could see the incredible work that was involved in the stage set and production. 
One thing I mainly noticed through out the whole show was the colour. Everyones costumes were so colourful and all the sets were all done so well each set was great to look at so you could see what was going on.

I have to give a special nod to all involved in the stage design and the costumes for the show. The quality didn't falter through the whole show and just when you thought you'd seen it all it just went to the next level.

Out of the whole show I think "A Friend Like Me" has gone into my top 3 production numbers from any of the shows I've seen. The energy that came from the cast and then the audience after was something incredibly amazing to watch and lives up to every expectation.

Coming in a very close second was "A Whole New World " For those who grew up with the film and love this song in the film I will tell you now it looks completely at home on stage. Not giving away any spoilers but you will love it.

I have to give a special nod to Trevor Dion Nicholas for his role of the genie. He completely smashed it and his humour and stage presence were just perfect for this role. He had the whole audience laughing away.

The theatre has some great merchandise for the the show. I purchased both programmes which together for £10 were completely worth the money. I also added the key ring and lamp magnet to my collection. Am looking forward to purchasing some more on my next visit.

If your booking to come n see the show you have a special night ahead of you. I can see this show running in London for a long time.

Am looking forward to catching the show again soon

Thanks for reading 
Hope you all have a great a week 

Love Holly 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

The BodyGuard

Hey guys,

Welcome to review no.2 for me this week

On Tuesday evening it was finally time to head to the Dominion Theatre in London to catch The Body Guard.
For those who haven't been to the Dominion since We Will Rock You it has undergone a massive revamp and looks incredible.
For regular theatre visitors I'm happy to say the new air con was a great help in the heat wave all though a little cold at points.

Having seen the show twice on the first run in the West End I had high hopes what could be achieved with it in this theatre with the stage being a lot bigger than its previous home.
I wasn't lucky enough to catch the show on tour so noticed the changes and updates quite quick.
From the first turn in the West End to now I've always thought the way the scenes change between each other is really clever and works very well.
The only thing I missed from the first run was the bigger house in the cottage scene but I thought this one worked really well with the stage space it had.

This week with Beverly Knight being on holiday we were very lucky to catch the incredibly talented Carole Stennett as Rachel.
To me certain roles can only be played by certain people and in this instance I've always thought a hand full of people can pull off ' I Will Always Love You" (for those who haven't seen the show at the Dominion I won't spoil the surprise towards the end of the performance but you will love it)
Carole's performance literally left myself and my friend Lauren who was watching the show with me stunned and with goosebumps. Her vocals were completely spot on and we loved it.

Ben Richards played the role of Frank very well, we warmed to him very early on and he really did the role well.

All in all I'm really happy the show has come back from tour to the west end, I'm really glad its got more stage space which I think has made the performances better on a whole new level. The energy in the finale was a great way to end the evening.

I aim on trying to get another visit in soon and would love to see this run extended

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a good weekend

Love Holly

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Breakfast at Tiffanys

Breakfast at Tiffanys

Hey guys
Hope everyone's good and you've had a great summer.

So last night was one Id been looking forward to for a while where I managed to catch the brilliant Breakfast at Tiffanys currently playing at the Theatre Royal in Haymarket a few minutes walk from Piccadilly.

For those who haven't been to the Theatre Royal it's one to have a closer look at for the decor, It's all very new, clean, has amazing space between the seats and also for the hot weather to my surprise air con.
The staff in the theatre were lovely and very helpful which was great to see.

I'd read a few reviews before coming to the show and was really looking forward to it.
The show itself was very good, I picked up the story quickly and really thought the stage sets and costumes were both really good.

The cast I thought were very good from the start, Pixie and Matt were both well suited to their roles. My only negative from the show was I couldn't hear the female voices properly from where I was in the Royal circle. It didn't put me off the show though.
The view also from the Royal circle was perfect and very clear.

The show is running until the 17th September in London. If your a fan of the story it's worth going to see on the stage. I wish I'd managed to see it earlier in the run then had a chance to read the book and see the show again to see it from a different view.
After leaving the show I did order the book so I can read more of the story which I'm looking forward to now.

Have a great rest of the week

Love Holly

Monday, 9 May 2016

Footloose Tour - Spotlight blog May 2016

Footloose tour 2016

Hey everyone 
Welcome to May and our new spotlight blog

I've been so excited for this blog for a long time as it involves my favourite show which is Footloose

For those who know me know I have a massive collection of Footloose memorabilia. Think my top 3 items must be my Dance Your Ass off t-shirt (same as from the first film), my Bomont High School hoodie and my notebook I got from Paramount pictures which plays the theme tune when you open it. I was lucky enough to get this when I was invited to a screening of the new film before it was released. 

When going through some of my old ticket books a few weeks ago I came across my footloose tickets from the original Westend run. After finding my first ticket of May 3rd 2006 I knew seeing the tour again on May 3rd 2016 would make it that much more special.

Last time I saw the show was back in 2007/8 but the soundtrack is a regular fixture on my phone and much to my amusement when the show started I could still remember it all word for word.

Laura and I made our way to Wimbledon and down to the theatre. If coming in by overground it's a short 5 min all from the station easily found by turning left and making your way down the road past the shops. We stopped for dinner in 5 Guys which is a couple of minutes from the theatre. Full of lovely staff and the food was great too.

It was then on to the theatre 
We've been to see a couple of shows here now in Wimbledon the most recent was the Hairspray tour in November so it was nice to be back again.
On arrival we picked up our tickets and I had a nosey at the merchandise stand. Only picked up the programme here but will be reunited with my footloose mug when I go up to Liverpool later in the week to see the show then.
We then made our way to our seats in the stalls. They were a great view in row H in the centre which I was very happy about.
Just before the show started came the announcement that the cast would be playing the instruments as well as their roles. I have to give full credit for being able to roller skate, sing and play instruments that's a great talent. 

Knowing the show from previous visits I was quick to see the changes which I have say I liked all of them. I thought the stage set even though it was a bit smaller than I've seen before worked really well. 
It was great to see all the songs being performed on stage again. Let's hear it for the boy bought the house down. Lee Brennan bought great humour to this part of the show and played the part of Willard really well. 
I have to say my favourite change in the show was the ending. The adding of the ticker tape confetti at the end was a brilliant and lovely nod to the original film. I won't add any more spoilers in but you will see some more nods to the film in the show.
I even remembered some of the dance routines at the end as well. I've always said the dance off at the end is worth going to see on its own. I honestly love it.
The whole cast played their roles brilliantly I couldn't fault any of them and just wanted the show to carry on.
If you get the chance to see the show you really won't regret it.

Thanks for reading 
I'll be posting on my trip to Liverpool this week n can't wait to see the show again 
Love Holly 

Monday, 14 March 2016

Box Office Bloggers 1st Birthday

Box Office Bloggers 1st birthday

A year ago whilst on the phone to Laura discussing some theatre trips we had planned the idea for the blog came up and whilst standing on the platform discussing the idea more and more Box Office Bloggers was born. For the first few days it's code name was Project Bob, once everything was set up it was all stations go and our blog was born. Doing something creative for something you love has been incredible to work on and the support online for the blog just continues to grow and I'm so thankful.

During the past 12 months we've had some incredible opportunities and have seen some brilliant shows. Looking back on the blogs I thought like Laura has done I'd include some of my highlights.

Avenue Q
We were incredibly lucky to be given the chance with the Churchill Theatre in Bromley and I was very excited to learn that the first show we would get to attend would be Avenue Q. As Laura will tell you I have been a fan of the show since its first run in the Westend and have loved it ever since. The chance of a meeting the puppets as well was just one I won't forget and produced one of my favourite ever selfies. Our blog for this show is still even now getting lots of hits and our most popular one to date.

Thriller live
We've both become massive fans of this show and after being given the chance to see the new launch of the show in October we fell in love with it again. The show from start to finish is full of iconic music and an amazing cast. I'd personally like to say thank you to Trenyce, Haydon and Alex for all they've done for us and being so amazing to watch on stage.

Miss Saigon
This one stands out as something special for both of us. We waited a long time to see it and both of us were so in awe of it by the end of the first half that by the end we just loved it. I do hope it makes a return to London but I won't knock a trip to Broadway to see it someday.

The Lorax
One of my favourite shows has been The Lorax at The Old Vic Theatre. It was a new theatre for me to visit. Can't believe it's taken me that long to actually see a show there but it didn't disappoint. I was lucky to see the show twice and took Laura with me on my second visit. The theatre itself was so lovely to visit. The show itself was a joy to watch. From the start the set and the skills of all involved made the show so enjoyable. Simon Lipkin gave The Lorax an incredible character which made the whole show one of my highlights of the year.

The End of Longing
My last highlight of the year was getting to see Matthew Perry take to the stage in his brilliantly funny show The End of Longing. For those who know me know how much I love Friends and how much I wanted to see him on stage. From the start of the show I laughed and loved the show from the start to the end. I'm really hoping to catch it again before the end of the run.

Before I go I'd just like to thank everyone who's taken the time to support, follow and most of all read our work. We are doing something we both love and really hope you enjoy our work.

Here's to year two and more amazing theatre adventures

Love Holly

March Spotlight - Chicken Shed Theatre Company - Sharing Stages

Spotlight - March 
ChickenShed Theatre company 

Welcome to this months Spotlight blog featuring the incredible Chicken Shed Theatre company

I was lucky to attend the press night for their new show Chasing Stages on March 4th
The show is currently running between March 3rd to March 20th. Each week of the shows will include different scenes each week.

For those who haven't visited the theatre it's one you should add to your list straight away. It's a short distance from Oakwood and Cockfosters station on the Piccadilly line and also has good parking facilities for those driving. The theatre is also served by local buses that stop just outside the car park.
The theatre is fully accessible for all visitors attending the shows.
The theatre patrons include Emma Bunton, Maureen Lipman, Sheila Hancock CBE, and Sir Kenneth Branagh, Victoria Wood and many more.

Chicken Shed itself has an amazing cast working on this show from start to finish from a young age to an older cast the magic that they pull is something incredible to watch. The cast is incredibly diverse working with disabilities going from scene to scene as a unit which works so well. 

Each scene was so different and as full of talent from the last to watch I found it incredibly awe inspiring to watch. The stage setting I thought was very clever and simple to know what you were watching. 
Each part of the show I felt was brilliantly created, my favourite scenes included  The Red Balloon and Our Young Minds 
The whole show from start to finish though was full of incredible talent. I genuinely look forward to visiting the theatre again to watch more performances.

To find out more about the theatre you can check out 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

My Favourite Blogs over the past year

Hey Everyone,

I thought id do a blog this week on my favourite blogs I've done over the last year as believe it or not Box office bloggers celebrates its 1st birthday this week its crazy to think that its been a whole year doing something we love. So a year ago Holly and myself thought this crazy idea up of starting up a blog as we both have a big love and passion for theatre and here we are a year later still doing what we enjoy. we have had so many great opportunities thrown at us and thats all down to you the person reading this and from the bottom of my heart id like to say a massive thank you as without you none of this would of been possible. 

So back to the blog..

Holly and myself have written some great blogs but there have been a few that I'm really proud of and proud of both of us especially as we both hold down full time jobs and sometimes its hard to find the time to sit down and get the brain working but we have done it and think we have done a pretty good job. 

So first blog was one that i had done and its my very first Alex Buchanan blog which i put up back in November 2015 and i was so proud of myself for having the guts to post it and still to this day its getting so many hits and still I'm really proud of it.

Check the link to read the blog 

Blog 2 is one that Holly did back in December 2015 it was the Matthew Bourne Sleeping Beauty review it was beautifully written and full of detail and just an all round amazing blog. Sadly i couldn't make that show so was great to read it and get a sense of the show. 

Click Link for Blog

The 3rd blog is my recent one and that was the Alex Buchanan Michael Jackson tribute gig at the o2 indigo which was a phenomenal show and let me tell you Alex knows how to put a great show on so if you can bag yourself a ticket to one of his next shows you will not be disappointed.

Click Link for Blog

And Lastly it has to be our Joint review we did on Miss Saigon back in May 2015 what an amazing show and so sad it closed and were both gutted we couldn't get to see it one last time.
We are both so proud of this blog and its one of our highest blogs to be read to date and still gets hits everyday. 

Click Link for Blog

Hope you have enjoyed taking a look back at my favourite blogs over the last year its been a great one to write and look back at previous blogs over the past year. 
2016 is going to be an even better year for Box office Bloggers so stay tuned.

Also would like to take this time to say thank you to a few people who have made all this possible for us to do and first The Churchill theatre Bromley who have been brilliant and a great support. 
Alex Buchanan from thriller live for just being Amazing and letting me witness your talent a many night and seeing you put on an amazing show at the indigo and if it wasn't for all this none of that would of happened. 
And lastly once again to you guys who read our blogs,follow us on Twitter etc and who constantly show us support.. Thank you!!

Thanks for reading 

Laura xx

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Michael Jackson Tribute 20th February 2016

So saturday night myself and Holly experienced an amazing gig with some amazing talent on one stage which is so rare to come by.

This was The Michael Jackson tribute which was held at the Indigo o2 at the o2 arena in London.
Of course I was really looking forward to this gig as I'm a massive fan of MJ but also have love for Alex Buchanan and the 2 mixed together is just something special and awesome.
Throw in some other great talent such as Leonn, Jermaine Riley & JJ Rosa, Zalon and more and you have an epic night.
The gig had a great mixture of MJ songs there were the good old classics such as Dirty Diana, Earth Song ,Gotta be Starting Something and many more.
There were 2 stand out performances and they were JJ Rosa singing Black & White which was phenomenal and Alex Buchanan singing She's out of my life and I sobbed like a baby as it was filled with such emotion and passion but to honest anything Alex sings or performs is truly spectacular.
The talent on that stage last night was fantastic and I can't forget to mention the amazing band who played live for the whole show it was incredible.

The Indigo o2 was just the perfect venue for this show it had a great feel and was very intimate which I throughly enjoyed and it worked so well.
I do hope to see another show like this again really soon espically seeing Alex doing what he truly loves and in his own way! 
So if you see this gig pop up again please please make sure you go see it and see some amazing talented artists. 

Thanks for reading 

Laura xx 

Disclaimer - all photos and videos posted in the blog and online are our own. We don't mind if they are used but please credit Box Office Bloggers if you would like to use them 

Monday, 15 February 2016

The Lion King

Hey all

Welcome to our first guest review for half term for the Lion king 

The Lion King has been on my list of shows to see for years now, and finally I was able to see it on Thursday night thanks to a very generous Christmas present from my sister.

The first thing I noticed as we headed up to the Lyceum theatre was just how big it really was!
It's the first time I've ever had to queue to get inside, so definitely try and get there earlier. All the staff were lovely and there was a great choice of merchandise available. 

Our seats were in the grand circle, right in the centre so we had a perfect view. 

From the very start, you are immediately captivated by the visual aspects, I've never seen anything like it before. They use a mixture of simple and complex effects, such as puppetry and lighting to tell the story. My favourite was the staircase that unfolded from the stage floor to recreate "Pride Rock".  The way the actors embodied the animals was incredible, you actually forget you are watching people. 

After reading through the programme, I noticed that the majority of the performers were either from African decent this added a whole other level to the show, as there was such a realness and raw sound to their voices, especially while singing in their native language, definitely a "goose bumps" moment. Once you hear that first line from "The Circle of Life" you know you in for something spectacular.

My only criticism was that I felt some of the script was a but weak, and didn't really add anything to the story, but I could easily overlook that from the amazing musical numbers and characters. 

I would really recommend this to anyone! Perfect for families too! Even if you just see it for the wonderful costumes, if you get the chance, go!


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

End of Longing - 10th Feb 2016

Hey everyone , 

So tonight's review I've been looking forward to writing since the show was announced 

I'm a huge fan of Friends and knowing Matthew Perry has written the show added to my excitement for tonight.

First up The Playhouse Theatre. 
It's been a few years since I last came to see a show here and it was lovely to see the new restoration work the theatre has undergone. If you are going to visit the show take a moment to look at the amazing design work around the upper levels of the auditorium. 
A special mention should go to all the amazing staff in the theatre who made the visit really nice this evening.

On to the show 

From the opening few minutes the laughter started and I was hooked. 
From the cleverly worked stage set you knew exactly where and what you were watching. 
The story itself had a dark side and a strong message but amazingly written where the laughter continued amongst the story being told.
As I've been looking forward to this since its announcement I've tried not to read a lot on the show but actually didn't want the show to end and wanted to know more of the story.
The whole cast work very well together on stage and bring something very special to the show I couldn't fault any of it.
If you manage to grab a ticket for the show you will not regret it at all. I'm currently online now looking or tickets to come again in the next few weeks.
As a warning there is strong language in the show so not for a younger audience.

The show didn't disappoint at all and I wish all involved a great run if tonight is anything to go by it'll be an epic run

Thanks for reading hope you all have a great rest of the week

Love Holly x

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Spotlight - Alex Buchanan


Hey Everyone 

Welcome to this months Spotlight blog,now I'm sure your not going to be surprised by this one but if you have read my blogs in the past you will know i have a MASSIVE,HUGE,LOVE for Alex  and of course he deserves to feature in one of my monthly segments for Spotlight.
Now if you have seen Thriller live you will know how talented this young man is he amazes me each and every time i see him on stage and thats one of the reasons why i keep going back to see the show. 
As i said We all know Alex is very talented but what comes with that is a very down to earth,humble,genuine and lovely guy which lets face it is hard to come across sometimes in the business.


So lets go back to 2013 when Alex autioned for The voice Uk his performance of "Don't wake me up" got all 4 judges turning their chairs (and so they should of ) and it was team Jessie J all the way.. 
Alex got through to the battle rounds where he sang "Family Affair" and sadly Jessie choose the opposite opponent but thankfully Danny stole Alex and he made it through to the knockout round... The song of choice for the knockout round was "Signed,Sealed,Delivered I'm Yours" which may I say was absolutely amazing and I loved it but sadly Alex got eliminated which in my opinion is rubbish as he should of been the winner that year! 

So here we are in 2016 where Alex is till gracing the stage of the Lyric Theatre in Thriller Live as a lead male vocalist and doing a fabulous job as always.

I am hoping to hear an album from the man himself this year and even some gigs somewhere down the line as I truly enjoy watching And hearing Alex perfom I am just in awe by his stage presence and his voice. 
Let's face it we haven't heard the last of Alex Buchanan and 2016 is going to be his year and let's hope it brings lots of good positive vibes so let's pray that all these great things will happen as if it's one person that deserves it is Alex.

You can catch Alex in Thriller Live so please please go grab yourself a ticket and see what talent is as I know you will not be disappointed in what you see and hear..

Thanks for reading 

Laura xx 

PS: I just personally want to thank Alex for all his time over the last few months 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - 1st Feb 2016

Hey all

Welcome to my new review for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Monday's visit is one I had to keep secret as it was a birthday treat for one of my closest friends. All she knew was to meet me in Covent Garden when she was given her golden ticket for the visit. I did want to hand it over in a Wonka chocolate bar but was gutted to find they don't make them anymore.

On arrival at the theatre we were greated by the lovely staff in the foyer. From having tickets checked to being served for some sweets everyone had a smile. From both my visits to the show I highly rate the Theatre Royal in my top 5 favourite theatres. It's a stunning theatre both inside and out and is a lovely experience from start to finish. Bonus points always awarded for the leg room around the seats.

On my last visit I was quite high up but this time row D in the stalls bought a complete new love for the show. 
I didn't realise how much detail I had missed before but really enjoyed the whole performance.

The stage set from our view I thought was very clever I picked up on a lot more this time round. 
With out giving away spoilers if you haven't seen the show already - Pure imagination will firstly bring goosebumps and secondly the emotions. It's beautifully done and also very cleverly shown. Completely my favourite part of the show.
Special mention for the cast - from start to finish they were all brilliant. 
I don't know if it was from being so close but I actually found Mr Wonka a bit scary during the first half but warmed to him more during the second half.

The show is one id recommend you to add to your list to see for 2016 for viewers young n old the magic will take you in from the moment you enter the theatre.

Hope you have a great week 


Friday, 29 January 2016

Close to You 28th January 2016

Laura's Review

This show has been on our list for a while now but we never got round to booking..
So Holly and I went through our list of shows that we needed to book and see and Close to You came out on top so here we are with the review..
So Close to You is at the Criterion Theatre Piccadilly Circus Id never been to this theatre so was intrigued to see what it was like.
We arrived at 7pm and had to collect our tickets at the box office and straight away there was a very warm welcome at the door which was nice to see.
We collected our tickets and we were in Row P seats 1 & 2 these were RV but could still see the stage just had to lean in a bit to see wasn't a problem for me,there was plenty of leg room and very comfy seats which makes a change..
The theatre itself was small but i liked that as it was more of an intimate setting and feeling for the which worked well with the show.
The show started at 7.30pm and my feet were tapping straight away which for me is a good sign but if i am 100% honest it took a good 20/25 minutes for me to actually get in to..The staging was simple but worked really well with show and the cast moved props around which is a great touch..
The cast were fabulous but there was 2 stand outs for me and that was Kyle Riabko & Anastasia McCleskey wow what voices these 2 had blew me right away and it takes a lot for me to feel like that. I loved that the cast played all the instruments and sung live the whole way through.
Close to You has many songs that most of you would of heard of such as What's new pussycat , I say a little prayer, Anyone who has a heart , Wishin & Hopin and many many more..

I did like this show but for once i felt like i was to young to appreciate it as didn't know a lot of the songs and the ones i did know either had a rock or reggae vibe to them which I kind of liked but wish they had of kept them simple but then I suppose that would be boring so got to switch it up a bit..
This is a show my 64 year mum would love as its the music she loves so i do think it is a show for the more mature person who would of been around when these songs were big at the time..
Its a show I'm glad to say i have seen as its one that we have been wanting to see for a while so at least that one is ticked off the list.

Close to You is only on for another 2 weeks so please go book a ticket and see this show before it ends.

Thanks for Reading
Laura xx

Holly's Review 

Hey all
Here's my review from last nights visit to see the lovely Close To You.
As Laura mentioned we sat down with a list of shoes to book a few weeks ago so I jumped at the chance for these tickets.

This was also my first visit to the Criterion Theatre last night and I enjoyed every minute of it. I always love exploring a new theatre and I have to say from the moment you arrived at the door the staff were lovely and the theatre something special to look around. 

I'd managed to grab some tickets in the stalls and for a Restricted view they were great. 
One thing I thought stuck out was you could book seats on the stage to watch the show. Very clever idea making them couches as this worked brilliantly with the stage set.

What I learnt last night was I knew more songs from the shows vast catalogue than I thought I would. I think I've grown up knowing different versions of these songs but the cast performed them all to a great standard. I couldn't fault any of the singers last night the clever way they performed the songs keeping the audience with them was something I really enjoyed. 

I have to mention also seeing them all play instruments and sing live with no backing track was something really fresh to see. 

If you do get a chance to grab some tickets for the last few weeks of the show you won't be disappointed and are in for an enjoyable evening.

Thanks for reading 
Have a great weekend 
Holly xx

Friday, 15 January 2016

Spotlight - Trenyce Cobbins

Hey all

Welcome to the new Spotlight blogs 
In each one we will turn the Spotlight on either a show, actor / actress or theatre events going on round the UK

For this one I'm going to start off with the lovely Trenyce Cobbins currently smashing it every night on stage in Thriller Live at the Lyric theatre in London.

Before I go into how amazing Trenyce is in Thriller live let me take you back a bit n start from the beginning.

Trenyce featured on the second season of American Idol back in 2002 where she was take through as a wildcard entry singing Lets stay Together to join Paula Abdul's team. For those who haven't seen any of the videos of the show I suggest a visit to you tube. I have to admit I've had great fun researching this part of the blog.
 My favourite performances are I Have Nothing, I'm Every Woman and Proud Mary. 
If you haven't seen Proud Mary you will be up and dancing by the end of it I promise you that.
 Things could have been very different for Tenyce after studying in nursing for 3 years she decided to give the music industry a year and hasn't looked back.

After American Idol Trenyces amazing career didn't stop she appeared on lots of TV shows across America including The Today Show and TRL.

In 2004 Trenyce became involved in theatre - her incredible show list includes Not a day goes by, The Vagina Monologues, Ain't Misbehaving (the cast album of this show was nominated for a 2010 Grammy Award) and Dream Girls ( this show was given critical acclaim *the best show Indianapolis has ever seen*)

In 2010 Trenyce joined Thriller Live in the Westend and also has been involved with the tour in Europe as well. The show currently running at the Lyric Theatre has been wowing audiences since it opened back in 2007. 
Trenyce brings amazing energy to the stage each night where you just want to get up and dance along. Her performance of The Way You Make Me Feel is just incredible. Trust me if you haven't seen the show already go book a ticket now. 

We were lucky to give Trenyce some questions to go with this blog and have to say a massive thank you to her for being involved.

What is your favourite part of the show to perform?

** The way you make me feel,  because I get to be sexy and powerful at the same time. This number to me solidifies why there's a girl in the show. It's very MJ/Janet. But I also have to be honest, when Earth Song is in the show THAT is my favourite because it takes me to a spititual place beyond looking or sounding good. It conveys the message of "LISTEN UP what are we doing to ourselves and this planet? Wake up! " The most powerful moment in the whole show and I'm glad it's coming back soon** 

From your time in the show what's been your highlights and also do you have any funny stories you can share?

** The highlight is always seeing people at the stage door! It allows us to say thank you and be up close and personal with audience, sign autographs and take pics. The truth is, we never see who walks away with a changed mind or heart, or who we've influenced to go for their dreams! Funny things happen all the time : pants falling down, ripped crotches to expose gold thongs (on a guy), dropping microphones while singing, passing gas in quiet moments, falling up or down stairs, walking out on stage with a bottle of water instead of a mic ... I mean, there's loads of faux pas over the years. :P **

Thriller Live has an incredible selection of songs - if you could add any in which would they be and why?

** If I could add a song it would be I CANT HELP IT because it was written by Stevie Wonder and my favourite MJ song. It sounds completely different from anything else in the show and in the show and in MJs catalog.... Combining two geniuses! Love It!**

From the energy given off from the audeience each night we've been there - what's it like seeing that from the stage?

** It's electrifying ! It's gratifying! The audience doesn't realise it sometimes, but they are the soul of any show. Without them, we don't exist..... So if we feel them, we perform better! It's a perfect tennis match when done correctly! We serve . They serve. And in good theatre or a performance, that's what it's all about ***

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Spotlight - announcement

Hey all 

Happy 2016

Now the festive season is over for another year we are happy to announce our new series of blogs 

Each month we will feature a show or an actor/actress under our spotlight 

The first one launches in the next couple of weeks we hope you like it

Holly and Laura