Wednesday, 29 March 2017

42nd Street

Friday 24th March
Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Hey Guys,
Welcome to my review on 42nd Street, I have to say since I knew I was going to the show for a family night out I've been very excited after hearing amazing things on how good this show is and trust me nothing disappointed.

Now I love dance and choreography and managed to resist watching more on You Tube but knew the dancing in the show was something that just had to be seen.

The show had only been open a few days but the energy from the opening number and the cheer that followed had me captured. As the show continued each number had exceptional choreography and all the dancers of the incredible cast were amazing.

The costumes in each part of the show were incredible. The design work that has gone into the costumes I think made the dance scenes that more special.

I had many favourite parts of the show so choosing my favourite is actually hard.
I think my top two would be the choreography when the mirror raises above the dances and the finale.
The energy every single member of the cast had was outstanding for this.

I think by the time the first half had finished I wanted to rate the show 5 stars. It's not often I've decided I want to book again by the interval but I could happily watch this and it's totally makes you want to take up tap dancing.

Having spoken to a great member of staff on my way out of the show I am actually in awe of how good everyone was with 4 weeks of dance rehearsals. You really have to see it to believe how good everyone is.

It was really nice to be back in this theatre.  This has always been one of my favourite to come to and I think after doing the tour earlier in the year of behind the scenes it was great to see a new show here.

If you are a theatre merchandise collector like me I was really impressed with the selection they had on offer so early in the run.

I will definitely be looking into a return visit as soon as possible and put 42nd Street on the top of my recommendations list for West End Shows for 2017 at the moment.

Let me know your thoughts when you've been

Have a good rest of the week

Love Holly

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Friday, 3 March 2017

Kerry Ellis and Brian May New Album Golden Days

Hey Everyone 

Well here is another album announcement I personally am very happy about. 

Kerry Ellis and Brian May have announced the release of their second studio album together called Glory Days.

Their first collaboration together Anthems was released in 2011 and gave them massive success touring together round the UK and Europe. Featuring some incredible rock versions on this new album I think it will be an incredible success and am eagerly awaiting my chance to listen to it.

This album will include some new rock arrangements of their favourite songs and some new reinterpretations of the songs that have become a great part of their performances together.

Don't forget to get a preorder done and let us know what you think of the album when its released 

Love Holly x

Dream Girls Cast Recording

Hey Everyone 

Well the news has finally come. 

The incredible cast of the hit West End show Dream Girls are releasing a cast recording. 
The Soundtrack which was recorded live a few weeks ago here in London at the Savoy theatre is due for release in Mid April but you can preorder already on Amazon. ( yes I've put a pre order in for my copy am very excited to get this)

Featuring an incredible cast on the soundtrack along with Amber Riley playing Effie White - I personally am looking forward to hearing "And I am telling you" and "One Night only" which have always been my personal favourite songs on the sound track. the soundtrack itself is produced by Henry Krieger and mixed by Andy Bradfield. 

Dream Girls opened at the Savoy Theatre in London in December to rave reviews and is currently booking through October 2017.

If your a fan of the show don't forget to check out whats going on by checking out for all the news on the show

also for social media fans check out 

Twitter  – @DreamgirlsLDN
Facebook page – DreamgirlsLDN
Instagram account – DreamgirlsLDN
Hashtag - #DreamgirlsLDN

This is on the list for a visit to review, do let us know if you have been to see it and what you thought 

Love Holly x