I love you, Your perfect, now change review

Evening all from a very hot London Town

So I'm on my way home from opening night of I love you, your perfect, now change and have my review ready for you all.

To start off with all the staff at the theatre were lovely. Full of information when picking up tickets in the cafe downstairs which is where the box office is located to the very sweet bar staff who had large glasses of ice water ready for us on arrival in to the theatre. This love also extends to the staff who ran around in the interval to make sure we had water and were ok being the hottest day of probably the last decade they were amazing.

Now on to the show
From the start the cast were against the Heat but pulled off every song incredibly well. Special mention for Julie Atherton who pulled off one number with a wool jumper on and didn't let it look like it was too hot at all. 
Now I don't want to give away any spoilers for those going in the next few weeks to see it but it's incredibly funny from start to finish and completely worth watching. 
After finding out after they'd only run the show a few times all together I have to say with out knowing that you would never have known as it worked well.

If you guys have a chance to get a ticket the show runs till July 18th and I promise you is completely worth seeing
Definetly 5🌟 and completely looking forward to going back again next week. 

Thanks for taking the time to read the review hope you've enjoyed it 

Love Holly 


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