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                    Avenue Q Tour 
               Churchill theatre Bromley

Laura's review 

I was unlucky enough never to see this show in the west end while it was there and I always heard great things about it especially from Holly who is the biggest Avenue Q Geek,so when the tour was announced I was pretty happy that I could eventually get to see the show! 
So we went to the Churchill theatre in Bromley which is a lovely little theatre and staff were so polite and really helpful which is very rare to find in some theatres these days so that was refreshing. 
We were sat in row L in the stalls seats 37 & 38 these have to one of the most comfiest seats I've sat in for a long time and the leg room was amazing especially for us long legged girls.. We had an amazing view of the stage and nothing was restricted..
So the show started with the Avenue Q theme song and that was it I was sucked in straight away I loved it and couldn't help bopping away in my seat and I've never laughed so much at a show and especially watching puppets just makes it even better..
The cast of Avenue Q are truly fantastic Stephen Arden,Sarah Harlington,Richard Lowe,Jessica Parker were amazing and the ensemble guys were great to...
The music and songs are just to catchy and my favs had to be "if you were gay" ,
" the Internet is for porn " , and " the money song " as the cast actually come in to the audience with the puppets which was a great touch to the show! 

I throughly enjoyed my first trip to see Avenue Q and I'd happily go see it again but for now think I'm going to download the soundtrack to keep me going! 

Tell you one thing though I will never look at puppets in the same way again lol also just a little warning this is quite an adult themed show so not recommended for young children!

Go grab yourself a ticket and have the best laugh you will ever have,at the Churchill theatre Bromley 9th - 12th September 

I give The Avenue Q tour a massive ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thanks for reading 
Laura x 

Hollys review 
Hey guys
Here's my review of the our visit to see Avenue Q 
For those who know me well know that Avenue Q is in my top ten list of shows. Laura has listened to me talk endlessly of this show since we met so I was really glad to have this chance to attend the show with her and show her what I've been talking about for so long. 
So after a nice easy journey from Victoria to Bromley South (very accessible on direct trains or with a few stops from Victoria) we made our way to the theatre. If your ever travelling there for a show tang need something to eat there are plenty of places within walking distance between the station and the theatre. Also numerous cash points around as well, the theatre does take card though if needed. 
From start to finish all the staff were lovely. We felt looked after from start to finish and no one minded making conversation which made a lovely change.
We made our way to our seats and they were a great view in row L. Luckily no one was in front so we had an incredible view of the stage. 
The show started and the laughter never stopped. I will easily admit I haven't laughed like that in such a long time. 
On a side note even though it was well sign posted the show is made a lot of adult humour so it's not really for a younger audience.

I've never been able to fault the soundtrack it's amazingly catchy and you will find yourself singing it for days even weeks after. 
My favourite songs are 'if you were gay' and 'there's a fine fine line' 
If you get the chance I promise you will not regret it going to see this show. 
 I would love to see it make a return to the WestEnd.

Getting to see these guys last night was a complete highlight 
Defo give the show 5⭐️

Thanks for taking the time to read the first our our tour blogs 
Hope you've enjoyed it and enjoy the show when you go and see it. 

Love Holly x


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