Thriller press night 8th October 2015

After we reviewed Thriller live about 4/5 weeks ago we were kindly invited for the new Press night by the lovely people at thriller..the first time we saw it we loved it first half wasn't so great but the 2nd half made up for it,so we were excited to see what changes would be made to the show... We had amazing seats this time round and from the get go you could notice the changes and was sold all over again and couldn't take my eyes of the stage and I didn't really have that the last time round.The choreography was so much better in fact it was amazing Thriller have some top dancers in there cast,the new songs were great and were preformed to such a high standard
And the new costumes were also great..the star of the show for me has to be Alex Buchanan who is absolutely amazing and his take on she's out of my life all I can say is WOW I did have a little tear in my eye at one point as it was sung with emotion.

But all the cast have definitely upped there game and you can really tell so much work and effort has gone in to the new changes and they were all fantastic. I can't wait to get booking my next visit.I highly recommend you go get a ticket to see thriller and see the great changes that have been made! 

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Hollys Review
So last night we were as Laura said very lucky to be invited to view the new look show. 
Following on from our review a few weeks ago we were both excited to see the new changes.
From the start of the show nothing disappointed.

I won't give away too many spoilers on this as I know all fans of the show will enjoy all the new elements. 
My favourite new song is Rockin Robin have loved the song since I was a kid and it works so well in the show. 
The energy from the start of the show was incredible and definetly grabbed me more this time as I've always loved parts further on in the show. Not gonna lie but if we could I'm sure we would have got up and danced for most of it.
One amazing bonus for us last night was the visuals on the stage. I don't know if it was because we were higher up on our visit before but we were captured from the start. 
The choreography has completely gone to a whole new level. I've always been captured by any show with dance choreography and this was incredible to watch. 
For me last nights show vocally amazing nobody disappointed at all. 
After the show we were lucky to meet the cast and they were completely lovely and it was nice to actually tell them how amazing the show had been.

Now is the time for you guys to go n book for a visit. If you've seen the show before you will be in for a great time and will love the changes. 
If you haven't seen it be ready for an amazing night out and be prepared to sing and dance along

Thanks for reading guys and have a great weekend 
Love Holly x


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