Footloose Tour - Spotlight blog May 2016

Footloose tour 2016

Hey everyone 
Welcome to May and our new spotlight blog

I've been so excited for this blog for a long time as it involves my favourite show which is Footloose

For those who know me know I have a massive collection of Footloose memorabilia. Think my top 3 items must be my Dance Your Ass off t-shirt (same as from the first film), my Bomont High School hoodie and my notebook I got from Paramount pictures which plays the theme tune when you open it. I was lucky enough to get this when I was invited to a screening of the new film before it was released. 

When going through some of my old ticket books a few weeks ago I came across my footloose tickets from the original Westend run. After finding my first ticket of May 3rd 2006 I knew seeing the tour again on May 3rd 2016 would make it that much more special.

Last time I saw the show was back in 2007/8 but the soundtrack is a regular fixture on my phone and much to my amusement when the show started I could still remember it all word for word.

Laura and I made our way to Wimbledon and down to the theatre. If coming in by overground it's a short 5 min all from the station easily found by turning left and making your way down the road past the shops. We stopped for dinner in 5 Guys which is a couple of minutes from the theatre. Full of lovely staff and the food was great too.

It was then on to the theatre 
We've been to see a couple of shows here now in Wimbledon the most recent was the Hairspray tour in November so it was nice to be back again.
On arrival we picked up our tickets and I had a nosey at the merchandise stand. Only picked up the programme here but will be reunited with my footloose mug when I go up to Liverpool later in the week to see the show then.
We then made our way to our seats in the stalls. They were a great view in row H in the centre which I was very happy about.
Just before the show started came the announcement that the cast would be playing the instruments as well as their roles. I have to give full credit for being able to roller skate, sing and play instruments that's a great talent. 

Knowing the show from previous visits I was quick to see the changes which I have say I liked all of them. I thought the stage set even though it was a bit smaller than I've seen before worked really well. 
It was great to see all the songs being performed on stage again. Let's hear it for the boy bought the house down. Lee Brennan bought great humour to this part of the show and played the part of Willard really well. 
I have to say my favourite change in the show was the ending. The adding of the ticker tape confetti at the end was a brilliant and lovely nod to the original film. I won't add any more spoilers in but you will see some more nods to the film in the show.
I even remembered some of the dance routines at the end as well. I've always said the dance off at the end is worth going to see on its own. I honestly love it.
The whole cast played their roles brilliantly I couldn't fault any of them and just wanted the show to carry on.
If you get the chance to see the show you really won't regret it.

Thanks for reading 
I'll be posting on my trip to Liverpool this week n can't wait to see the show again 
Love Holly 


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