Footloose Tour 2017

Hey Guys, 

Hope you are all good. 
So last night I went off to Richmond to see the first night of the Richmond leg of the Footloose tour. For those who don't know its my favourite show and I'll happily take any chance I can to see the show.

Lets start off with the Richmond theatre, this was my second visit here to see a show after the Saturday night fever tour a few years ago. The theatre itself is stunning, the bar areas are lovely to visit and when your an avid theatre goer like myself to have ample leg room between the seats when you are tall is always a great bonus. I have to make a mention that every member of staff I spoke to last night was lovely and a joy to talk to when sorting things out for us.

The show itself was great, there had been a few changes made since the tour last year. All I think worked really well. This years cast are also all amazing and from the vocals, the instrument playing to the dancing it was a show full of amazing energy from start to finish. 

I have to give complete credit to the whole cast for being able to play the instruments, sing and also in some cases roller skate as well. I can barely stay up on skates.

The costumes all fitted perfectly and were all perfectly 80's.
I've always loved the encore after the show and this always leaves you dancing away at the end of the show.
With a classic sound track including Lets hear it for the Boy, Holding out for a hero and of course Footloose you will always have a great reason to sing and dance along.

The show sticks very close to the film and the references are there with a lot of nostalgia although I would somehow like to see the yellow beetle make an appearance some day and like to see the Dance Your ass off top come back but everything just works so well how its done now.

Like I mentioned in my blog from last nights show on my own blog to see some of my own thoughts from last night. 
I do get asked if I've seen the show before and always make people laugh when my answer is on which run.

One day I'd love to make my Footloose wish come true for this show and have a look at the set and see how its all put together but for now you'll catch me on some more of the dates coming up later in the year. 

Have an amazing time if you see the show
Do let me know if you've seen it and your thoughts in the comments section 

Have a great rest of the week

Love Holly 


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