Saturday Night Fever UK tour London

Saturday Night Fever 

Time for those dancing shoes 

Well tonight was a very long wait to get to but I've enjoyed every single minute of it.
When going to see a show I've seen before I've always made a point of not reading reviews before I go. I'd had a few messages to tell me that the show was different to what I'd remember it as. 

I was curious but held off looking into it any further. My guest this evening at short notice was actually my best friend from school and actually the first person I'd seen the show with wait for it way back in 98 with this man here as the main role 

After arriving at the theatre which as a first impression was a lovely spacious place with enough space in the bar not too feel too cramped and space in the toilets to actually move. 
Regular theatre goers will understand this when I say space too move around is always good. 

Then came to taking our seats - Id managed to land front row but even though the tickets did say you may have to look I didn't feel I missed anything. 
The one thing I did miss a bit was having music playing in the auditorium before the show and the interval.

The show started and I could instantly see the changes. Baring in mind it's been nearly ten years since I last saw this show at the Apollo Victoria I remembered more than I thought. 
The music arrangement I give a big congratulations to all involved. It takes a hell of a lot of talent to play instruments dance and sing at the same time. 

The stage set was also very different from the other productions I've seen but it worked and worked well. 
The cast worked amazingly well between the two levels of the set so you always knew where and what you were watching.
The one thing we both mentioned was the dance floor we'd both hoped to have seen the Dancefloor like in previous shows but both agreed the adaption did it very cleverly and it worked. 

Our vocalist of the night and we both mentioned half way through the first half was Cici Howells who played the role of club singer. If you get the chance to see the show her vocals are amazing.

All in all we've had an amazing night. The whole experience from start to finish was brilliant. 
I'm in awe of the cast as I write this for the power they put into the show tonight. Being completely honest I'd like to see this version come to the West End as its fresh and new and would work very well with the new arrangements. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this I hope you all enjoy it

Love Holly 


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