Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty - Sadler's Wells Theatre London

Hey Guys,

Firstly a massive Happy Christmas - Hope you've all a great festive season and Santa bought you some great festive goodies.

So my blog today is my annual festive trip to the amazing Sadler's Wells theatre in London. 
Now for the past few years my family have been each Christmas season and each year I leave being more of a fan of Matthew Bourne than I was before.
I love all sorts of dance and am a huge fan of all choreography and watching Matthew's shows is something extremely special to watch and I would highly recommend any production. 
One of my favourites productions is Edward Scissorhands. From the staging to the costumes it was amazing to watch from start to finish.

From tonight's production from the end of the first half I was left with goosebumps. Can't say I've ever awarded a show 5⭐️ before from the end of the first half. 
My favourite part of the show is the whole garden element which used a stunning dance sequence put together around an orchestral version of once upon a dream.

The costumes from the start of the show were incredible and worked completely in each part of the show. If you have a love for fashion you will love the different designs that are used.

The staging used in the show puts elements in a complete illusion some of which trick your mind as though you are going into what you are watching. 
It's extremely clever in the way the set is put together and is something to be seen.
The theatre itself is lovely and a real joy to visit each time. It's light and airy and the staff are always warm and inviting on every time I've visited.

I give this production 5⭐️ it deserves more it's incredible 
If you manage to grab a ticket before the end of the run I highly recommend it you will not leave disappointed.

I'm eagerly looking forward to the next production now and hope you enjoy the show if you get a chance to see it.

Matthew I congratulate you, you've left me in awe again and more of a fan than I ever was.

Thanks for reading my review tonight I hope you enjoy it 

Love Holly 


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