End of Longing - 10th Feb 2016

Hey everyone , 

So tonight's review I've been looking forward to writing since the show was announced 

I'm a huge fan of Friends and knowing Matthew Perry has written the show added to my excitement for tonight.

First up The Playhouse Theatre. 
It's been a few years since I last came to see a show here and it was lovely to see the new restoration work the theatre has undergone. If you are going to visit the show take a moment to look at the amazing design work around the upper levels of the auditorium. 
A special mention should go to all the amazing staff in the theatre who made the visit really nice this evening.

On to the show 

From the opening few minutes the laughter started and I was hooked. 
From the cleverly worked stage set you knew exactly where and what you were watching. 
The story itself had a dark side and a strong message but amazingly written where the laughter continued amongst the story being told.
As I've been looking forward to this since its announcement I've tried not to read a lot on the show but actually didn't want the show to end and wanted to know more of the story.
The whole cast work very well together on stage and bring something very special to the show I couldn't fault any of it.
If you manage to grab a ticket for the show you will not regret it at all. I'm currently online now looking or tickets to come again in the next few weeks.
As a warning there is strong language in the show so not for a younger audience.

The show didn't disappoint at all and I wish all involved a great run if tonight is anything to go by it'll be an epic run

Thanks for reading hope you all have a great rest of the week

Love Holly x


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