Spotlight - Alex Buchanan


Hey Everyone 

Welcome to this months Spotlight blog,now I'm sure your not going to be surprised by this one but if you have read my blogs in the past you will know i have a MASSIVE,HUGE,LOVE for Alex  and of course he deserves to feature in one of my monthly segments for Spotlight.
Now if you have seen Thriller live you will know how talented this young man is he amazes me each and every time i see him on stage and thats one of the reasons why i keep going back to see the show. 
As i said We all know Alex is very talented but what comes with that is a very down to earth,humble,genuine and lovely guy which lets face it is hard to come across sometimes in the business.


So lets go back to 2013 when Alex autioned for The voice Uk his performance of "Don't wake me up" got all 4 judges turning their chairs (and so they should of ) and it was team Jessie J all the way.. 
Alex got through to the battle rounds where he sang "Family Affair" and sadly Jessie choose the opposite opponent but thankfully Danny stole Alex and he made it through to the knockout round... The song of choice for the knockout round was "Signed,Sealed,Delivered I'm Yours" which may I say was absolutely amazing and I loved it but sadly Alex got eliminated which in my opinion is rubbish as he should of been the winner that year! 

So here we are in 2016 where Alex is till gracing the stage of the Lyric Theatre in Thriller Live as a lead male vocalist and doing a fabulous job as always.

I am hoping to hear an album from the man himself this year and even some gigs somewhere down the line as I truly enjoy watching And hearing Alex perfom I am just in awe by his stage presence and his voice. 
Let's face it we haven't heard the last of Alex Buchanan and 2016 is going to be his year and let's hope it brings lots of good positive vibes so let's pray that all these great things will happen as if it's one person that deserves it is Alex.

You can catch Alex in Thriller Live so please please go grab yourself a ticket and see what talent is as I know you will not be disappointed in what you see and hear..

Thanks for reading 

Laura xx 

PS: I just personally want to thank Alex for all his time over the last few months 


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