Avenue Q UK tour rehearsals 2019

Avenue Q UK Tour Rehearsals 2019

Hey Everyone 

So for today’s blog there’s a very special theme. Today I was very lucky to attend the rehearsals for the New Avenue Q tour which starts next week on Jan 25th on its first stop in Portsmouth.

The cast performed a few songs from the show and also we got to see and hear more about the puppets whilst also being on set as well. The quality of the cast was amazing from giving the character to the puppet to also controlling each one is very well done.

This show has become a cult classic from its Westend runs to UK tours over the years and will leave you laughing way more than you expected. If you haven’t heard the soundtrack it’s worth downloading and it’s also more relevant than you would think with topics in today’s walk of life.

Head over to 
For all the tour dates and more information now.

It’s been a great afternoon watching this for more pictures and videos pop over to our twitter page on @boxoffice_blog and our Instagram 

Have a great week
Love Holly


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