Standing By - Nina Dunn - Review

Standing By from Nina Dunn

I think everyone can say exactly where they were when the call for Lockdown came back in March this year. This book brings an incredible insight to what happened that night in the Westend when the performers were getting ready to take to the stage and what took place when the news was given out. 

Nobody has expected the the theatres to stay closed this long but what Nina has done with the photography in this book is hauntingly beautiful. The picture paint a very good picture of how quickly the casts had to leave and the stages waiting for the lights to go up properly again and the audiences to return. 

When it arrived today I sat and read the whole book through. It features the musical 9 to 5 based on the music from Dolly Parton which was running at The Savoy Theatre. This was the last show I saw in the weeks before lockdown and seeing the silence of the theatre in the pictures shows how much energy is given off on stage every night. 

If you would like to get a copy of this book and support the Theatre industry then please head over to The Dark theatres project website for more information on how you can purchase the book and other items to raise money for a great cause The Dark Theatre's Project Website


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