Prince of Egypt - The Dominion Theatre


Prince of Egypt - The Dominion Theatre 

This show has been on my list to see for a long time and I can safely say it didn't disappoint. The show had a very small run in 2020 opening in Feb just before the pandemic took hold but has come back fighting. 

The show is based on the Dreamworks of the same name and tells the story of two brothers and how they grow up together in their Kingdom. As the story continues you see how one takes the role of Pharaoh and the other fights for the freedom of his people. 

The show is incredible from the start. From the amazing cast to the incredible stage set and soundtrack there is absolutely nothing that you could fault with this show. As soon as the show starts you are taken on a journey and this doesn't stop until the finale. 

The show is visually incredible the whole way through, No spoilers from me but the only thing I will say is being up in the circle really does show how much detail has gone into the stage set. 

Normally I pick my favourite cast member but this cast really showcase how incredible they all are and they all deserve 5 stars.

On the day of the show you are sent your ticket via text which once you are checked in with then shows you the bar menu where you can order pre show drinks and interval drinks to be sent to your seat. 

Even though my seat was classed as restricted view it was just a small hand rail that covered a very small part of the view of the stage but it didn't affect the show at all for me. 

I honestly can't recommend this show enough - if you do want to get tickets for it head over to Prince of Egypt Official Website

If you have seen the show let me know below what you thought. 


  1. Hi, was the seating socially distanced?

  2. It was the first show with out socially distanced regulations, it wasn't sold out but nice to have a full audience back


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