Mary Poppins review - Prince Edward theatre


Winds in the east - Mist coming in

It's official the winds have finally changed and Mary Poppins is back on stage at her home at the Prince Edward theatre in London. 

From the moment the curtain rises you are transported to Cherry Tree Lane and into the Banks house and into the magical story of Mary Poppins. 

Based on the classic film it follows the story of the Banks family and their search for a new nanny for their children Jane and Michael. 

After the children take things into their own hands and put together their own advert does Mary Poppins arrive to save the day. 

What follows is a trip through the enchanting story with magic and a classic musical soundtrack both with the all time classics from the Sherman brothers and brand new tracks for the show. 

The choreography is beyond incredible and the routines will leave you in complete awe of the whole cast. My favourite was Step in Time. Both the energy and enthusiasm from the cast on stage will leave you wanting to get up and dance along with them. 

The cast are all incredible and are led with Zizi Strallen as Mary Poppins and Charlie Stemp as Bert. Something else also to mention is the amazing attention to detail in the sets. There was nothing you could fault any of it with, even some of the magic now still has us asking 'How did they do that?' even after we got home

The show is booking through until Feb 2022 and you can book tickets here - Mary Poppins Website

Don't miss out seeing this show live on stage, it's one for all ages and one not to be missed 


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